New to the Range: Say Hello to Our Bathroom Fans

Recently had a new bathroom fitted and want to keep it looking pristine? We get you. Or perhaps your bathroom was decorated some years ago but the threat of damp is an issue.

That’s where our brand new extractor fans come in. A recent addition to the My Appliances range, these bathroom fans will ensure your shower room is kept completely fresh and dry.

So, why should you keep on top of condensation? And what are the health benefits? We’ll tell you…

The fact is – in bathrooms especially – condensation happens. And it isn’t so good for your health. The quality of air inside your home can be worse, even, than the air outside of it. This is, of course, precisely the reason why you should invest a little time and money into ensuring it’s a no-damp zone.

Poor health in the home can be down to poor ventilation – and when you consider that it could be as easy as having a bathroom fan installed, why wouldn’t you want to try this (completely pain-free) option? After all, waiting until the damp is a real problem will cost you a lot more.

Are you suffering from red or itchy eyes? We hate to say it, but this could also be down to poor ventilation, too. And if you take a look around, you’ll find that your bathroom windows are the culprit. If they’re always covered in condensation, the air that’s therefore circulating around your home isn’t going to be great.

What’s more, mould and mildew on ceilings can mean strong odours – and no-one wants a musty-spelling shower, not least when they have guests coming to stay.


So, it might just be time to think about getting a bathroom fan installed. An absolute must when you’re on a mission to enjoy improved air quality, a bathroom fan could be the best thing you buy for your home. And the good news is, there’s a great selection here on the My Appliances site.

From high-tech bathroom fans to the ‘so-quiet-you-can-barely-hear-them’, we’ll have a bathroom fan with your name on it.

Perhaps you’re concerned that your current fan is broken? Well, here’s a top tip:

Before you pick up the phone to a local contractor to complain of your broken fan, instead try holding a single sheet of toilet paper close to the fan grille. If yours is a quiet fan and you think it’s broken, it could be simply that you can barely hear it. So this trick helps you determine if it’s working; if it is, the fan will suck the paper right off your palm. If it doesn’t, your suspicions about needing a new fan could’ve been right.

Change your fan and you could well be improving your health, too. If you suspect mould is an issue, though, try drying out your bathroom in the first instance by opening a small window and letting some air out as often as possible. If that isn’t working, try to take shorter showers to reduce mildew, and always mop up any water that has perhaps spilled out of the shower.

Any questions about how our new range of bathroom fans can help? Get in touch!

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