How does a pyrolitic oven work?

What is a pyrolytic self-clean oven ?

A pyrolytic oven features an automated cleaning function that reduces the oven cleaning time. The Pyrolysis function heats the oven to in excess of 400 degrees, which reduces all the food residue and grease to ash.

Once the cycle has finished the oven returns to a safe temperature and the child lock is de-activated. All you do then is get a damp cloth to wipe away all the ash from the base of the oven and it’s as simple as that.

How long does it take to complete the cleaning process?

Depending on the model it can take in excess of 60 mins but don’t worry as it is fully automated function.

Is a pyrolytic oven safe and will it heat up my kitchen?

To compensate for the very high temperatures used in pyrolysis function the ovens are manufactured with extra insulation and extra glass on the door. This means that the door will only be as hot as you would expect any other premium oven door.

Do pyrolytic ovens require any extra ventilation to cope with smoke and fumes?

The amount of fumes generated will be dependent on how much grease and food debris there is in the oven but opening a kitchen window will usually suffice.

Do pyrolytic ovens cost more to run?

Not really as they are very efficient due to the extra insulation provided in the oven and will be cheaper to use as a normal oven; running the pyrolysis programme will cost less than 50p!