How to Choose the Right Oven: A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to big purchases – unless we’re taking new properties and cars – few things trump kitchen appliances. Not least when it comes to the cost associated with them, anyway. But the fact is, big kitchen appliances like this can (if chosen well) change your life.

After all, when you consider how much time you spend in the kitchen as a couple or a family, isn’t it worth really investing in the space? Built-in ovens can save vital space and ultimately help save you a few pounds, as well. So, you see, those big appliances needn’t be such drastic purchases.

By now you’re probably wondering: ‘where do I start?’ And if you’re looking for a built-in oven, you’ve landed here on the My Appliances blog at the perfect time. Take a minute or two to read this blog and all your questions about built-in ovens will be answered – enjoy!


Installed directly into a cavity in your kitchen units, built-in ovens – available to buy here at My Appliances –  create a streamlined look in your kitchen. What that does, of course, is save you some much-needed floor space and ensure all your cooking needs can be met in a single appliance.

The great news is built-in ovens can be installed at eye-level or under your worktop, so you really can ensure your kitchen meets your requirements in almost any way.

If you’re looking for a built-in oven, keep your eyes peeled for useful features (the more the merrier, really) which will help ensure your time spent in the kitchen is smooth and stress-free. Enjoy everything from easy-to-programme LED timers and telescopic rails. The latter help with loading and unloading heavier portions – not a bad feature, eh?


What else should you look out for if you’re in the market for a new built-in oven? We’ve compiled a handy three-point checklist to make things that little bit easier:

1.Think About the Height of Your Oven

Built-in ovens are available in three different heights and can be installed in a number of different positions in your kitchen. Look out for ovens which are 60cm high, 70cm high or even 90cm high and find an appliance with a height to suit you.

Ovens with a height of 60cm are perfect for those looking for a fuss-free way to cook; grilling and cooking takes place in the same cavity, which means you don’t need a separate grill. Meanwhile, ovens of 70cm generally have a separate grill. The oven will be slightly smaller with a single cavity, but the good news is you can use the oven to roast potatoes or other veg and make the most of the grill at the same time!

For those with a 90cm oven, cooking at different temperatures can make life even easier – and two ovens (with the top doubling up as a convenient grill!) allow you to do just that!

2. Choose Which Type of Oven Takes Your Fancy

From conventional ovens to fan ovens and even multifunctional ones, you can put some thought into which type of oven will complement your needs. Not sure which one’s for you? Take a look around the My Appliances site for some much-needed inspiration.

And finally…


3. Decide How You’d Like to Clean Your Oven

Imagine how great it’d be not to have to clean your oven by hand – that’s where a self-cleaning oven comes in.

There are various labour-saving ways of cutting down the time you have to spend cleaning the cavity in which your built-in oven sits, so why not get in touch and we can discuss your requirements?

Until next time…

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