Micro-CRAZY! Did You Know Your Microwave Can Do This…

You’ve seen those posts; you know the ones we mean: 101 uses for an elastic band, 25 things you can do with a piece of bluetack, and 10 uses for a paperclip. The fact is, there’s all sorts of everyday items you’ll have lying around your home that you’re just not making the most of.

Okay, so we’ll let you off if you’re not using those paperclips to their full advantage, but what about your microwave? Are you really milking it for all it’s worth? And by that we don’t just mean hot milk.

We wager you spent a little bit more on your microwave than that box of paperclips, so we’re advising you to put aside a minute or two swot up on this article – and who knows what new nuggets of information you can incorporate into your days after you’ve read it.




Poach an Egg

If you’ve given up poaching eggs ‘the old-fashioned way’ (i.e. in a pan), you might want to give the hob the heave-ho once and for all and try the microwave instead. Start by pouring some boiling water into a microwave-safe bowl and pop a pinch of white vinegar to it.

Now, simply crack an egg into a bowl and pierce the yolk lightly with a tooth pick or tine of a fork. Covering the bowl with cling film, microwave it for half a minute on full power. After removing the bowl, turn the egg gently and place it back in the microwave for another 20 seconds or so. And there you have it – a perfectly poached egg in fewer than three minutes.

Disinfect Chopping Boards

Move over, washing up bowl; you can actually disinfect your chopping boards in the microwave. Start by giving them a once over in the sink, before rubbing a lemon over them and popping in the microwave for a minute.

Cook Bacon

If you’re forever burning bacon (join the club!), maybe it’s high time you tried a different method of cooking it. Where your Saturday bacon sandwich is concerned at least, the microwave is your new best friend. Simply wrap the slices of bacon in kitchen towels and microwave them for around three minutes. Soaking the moisture from the bacon and making the slices crisply-cooked, kitchen towel (along with your microwave itself) could be one of the most useful items in your kitchen.

Remove Postage Stamps

Keen stamp collector? If you don’t want to cause damage to the stamp when tearing it off the envelope, sprinkle some water on it and microwave it for a few seconds. You’ll quickly find it peels away from the paper, meaning you can add it to your collection with no bother.

Warming Beauty Products Like Hair Oil

Now this is perhaps the most surprising of all the tips featured here! Who knew you could actually ensure your beauty products work a bit harder for you by simply turning on your microwave?! During the winter months, products like hair oil will harden inside the bottle, becoming difficult to remove and use. If this is the case, microwave the bottle for around 15 seconds and you’ll find it’ll pour again with little trouble.

Tried any of these tips yourself? Let us know how you got on by commenting below.

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