How to Choose the Right Wine

‘Dry January’ is almost over (yippeeee!), so if you’re already thinking about a tipple or two on February 1, perhaps our all-singing, all-dancing wine guide will whet your appetite for a glass of red, rose or white. Not that we’re encouraging you to drink, you understand – we just like to offer as much advice and insight here on the My Appliances blog, so if you’re planning to throw a dinner party, you’re always more than prepared.

Read on for some top tips…

New to wine? Start with White or Rose

That’s the advice from this site in its fact-filled guide to choosing a great bottle. The reason? According to a survey, albeit a US one, 54% of respondents said they preferred a semi-sweet or sweet white or rose when they started drinking wine’. While it’s only just tipping into a ‘majority’, we think that’s reason enough to swerve red and grab a good bottle of white or rose instead.

Always Read the Label

Don’t be tempted to be led by a fancy label or lovely-shaped bottle. Instead, shock horror, actually read the label itself and see what it is you’re spending your hard-earned on.

White wines that say ‘table wine’, for example, may raise red flags and can be composed of grapes from a very large region. Why’s that a problem though? In an article here, wine expert Michael Turley says: ‘…although sometimes fine in quality, [wines composed of grapes from larger regions]…tend to be noticeably bland or unbalanced.’

Think About Food Pairings

Not sure where to begin? Google is your friend. If you’re cooking lamb, for example, there’s a red wine for that.

If you’re opting for a good old chicken dinner, though, consider a white wine.

Michael Turley tells the Marie Claire website that there are two schools of thought when it comes to wine and food pairings: ‘complementary and contrasting’.

He goes on to say that neither is wrong, saying: “If going the complementary route, just remember light with light and rich with rich. Meaning seafoods and chicken pair amazingly with crisp white wines and red meats and cheeses pair well with full-bodied reds.”

Download an App

Still not sure which wine to plump for? Believe it or not, there’s an app for that. Yes, really. This guide rounds up some of the best out there, so you’ll never have to get in a pre-dinner panic again. Oh, and you could always, you know, ask your guests which wine they enjoy drinking – or better yet, accept their offer to bring a bottle. That way, you won’t have to dash out to the supermarket to pick up a red, a white and a rose.

Keep it Cool

A great wine needs to stay that way – by being served chilled. Thankfully, we have plenty of practical and stylish wine coolers here on the My Appliances site to ensure you can pour out your wine with complete confidence. Adding the ‘wow’ factor to any kitchen, our coolers are designed with every kind of kitchen in mind.

Until next time…