How to: Create a Wow Factor Kitchen

If your kitchen’s more a dumping ground than a room to proudly show off to your friends, you’ve stumbled on the My Appliances blog on exactly the right day.

We’re well aware that if you’re browsing our site in the first place, you’re probably in the process of sprucing up one of the most-used rooms in the house – and that’s where we come in. To help you create a kitchen with the wow factor, we’re sharing with you our top tips.

Of course, everyone’s idea of a wow factor kitchen is slightly different. That said, there are a few general pieces of advice you can keep in mind to ensure your space elicits the right response – every time. Read on…

Add Flowers


This is a great tip when it comes to adding interest to any room, particularly if you’re looking to sell your home.  Even small accessories like a vase of fresh blooms, a huge bowl of carefully-positioned oranges (ideal to brighten up an otherwise sparse dining room table) or some beautiful canisters will create the right impression.

Another top tip: think about baking some fresh bread – it’s an estate agent’s dream, as it makes selling your home even easier. Why? It helps people imagine exactly what it’ll be like to live there. Plus, if you’re not planning to move on, you can simply treat your guests to something lovely that’s just come out of the oven.

Try an Accent Colour


A simple way to liven up any kitchen? Add an accent colour to a neutral kitchen. This can be done relatively easily, via bold splashbacks (take a look at our collection of glass ones, here on the site – they’ll add instant wow factor to any kitchen), or even just a few gorgeous accessories like vases or other trinkets. A little bit of greenery will also make a place look homely and inviting too.

Go Minimalist


This year, everyone’s getting all excited about all things minimalist. It has a lot to do with this best-selling book but it’s still a big movement in its own right for 2016 and beyond. Marie Kondo has the right idea, though: a tidier home does equal a tidier mind and by eliminating some of the clutter we all seem to hang onto, we can enjoy a nice spot of ‘mindfulness’ – a buzz word for 2016, surely?

So, how can you introduce the minimalist way of life into the kitchen? It’s about scaling back your belongings – do you really need five mixing bowls, after all? – and making a conscious effort to only keep the things you know you need. Do this and your kitchen will always look like it’s been lifted from the pages of a glossy interiors magazine.

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