Kitchen Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

If you’ve spent a small fortune on new cabinets and appliances, you’ll probably want to show them off. After all, what’s the point spending time and money redecorating your kitchen – or your home – if you can’t really and truly admire your hard work.

So, what you need is a great kitchen lighting solution. Taking your brand new kitchen from a 10 out of 10 to…well…an 11, great lighting creates the right ambience and ensures the hub of the home looks the part too. Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re putting a new kitchen in entirely, or simply making some small changes to your existing space.

Under-cupboard Lighting

Of course, under-cupboard lighting is practical – and most kitchens have it. But have you thought about the type of lighting you’d like? Maybe you’re thinking about dainty spotlights, or something that makes even more of a statement? And what about the colour?

There are often subtle variations when it comes to one set of spotlights and the next. That said, they may make a huge difference to the way your kitchen looks on the whole. Consider your colour schemes, the cabinets you already have fitted and the type of environment you’d like to create – and then simply go from there.


Go ‘Industrial Chic’

Now here’s a simple solution – but doesn’t it look great, too? If your kitchen’s short of mounted wall cupboards, you can still illuminate your workspaces with this quick and easy method that takes the ever-popular ‘industrial’ trend to a new, stylish level.

Pendant-style light bulbs like thiese are relatively cheap to buy yet look really effective. They’re functional and nice to look at, which is what we love about them – what do you think of this chic look?

49e8c49c1f10c8b4ab2e49f0c683ac89Image: via

Try a Lantern

Now that autumn’s well and truly set in and winter’s on the way, we love this chic and cheerful idea (pictured below). A lantern-style light makes a real focal point of this dining area – and we think the yellow and grey scheme is just stunning.

gallery-06-hbx-saarinen-table-0515-1Image: via HouseBeautiful

If All Else Fails, Upcycle!

Pinterest is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to not just our kitchens but our whole home! We can’t get enough of some of the fun – and very crafty! – tutorials and ideas on there and this one (below) is no exception. Who knew you could make a light from an old plank of wood, some Kilner jars and a handful of lightbulbs?! Well, this Etsy seller has (and you can probably have a go, too) – just click here to be taken to the original source.

288710dfc80a39770ae2861ff9d3c34bImage: via Pinterest

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