How to Entertain Friends and Family While Social Distancing

Are you following the social distancing rules to the letter? If not, you should be. That’s providing you aren’t a key worker, who needs to go out to keep the country afloat. Or someone who’s helping the elderly or vulnerable by doing essential shopping.

If you’re wondering how you can still catch up with friends and family, here’s how you can still entertain while keeping your distance…

Host a ‘Pub Quiz’

Grab that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion…go on; you may as well drink it, as getting together with friends – even if it is over Skype or Zoom – is a special occasion in these strange and often, quite trying, times.

One of your friends or family members (or even you) must put themselves forward as the quiz master, preparing questions and answers ahead of your scheduled video call.

Then, you simply host a pub-style quiz from the comfort of you own home. With everyone else safely in their own living rooms too, you’re obeying social distancing rules while still having fun. Thanks to the Internet, everyone can join in – even if your friends happen to be abroad.

Try an At-Home Bake Off

Feeling inspired by the celebrity edition of The Great British Bake Off? We often talk about the Bake Off here on our blog, but it’s for good reason: baking makes everyone feel better. So, why not host your own Bake Off style event from home and get your friends to play along and bake their own creations, while you check in on one another via FaceTime or WhatsApp?

Okay, so you can’t try each other’s bakes, but you can send a picture of them via WhatsApp. You could also donate a small amount of money each to Stand Up To Cancer – as the The Great Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off show encourages viewers to do.

Set Yourself a ‘Saturday Morning Kitchen’ Challenge

Who watches Saturday Kitchen with James Martin and co? If you tune in regularly, you’ll know the host likes to challenge his guests to an omelette-making competition. Giving celebrity guests all the ingredients to whip up the egg-based snack or meal, James adds their time to a leader board when they’ve successfully made an omelette. You could challenge your mates to do the same from home, urging them to film themselves making said omelette, before sending you the footage via WhatsApp.

Then, you must do the same. Make sure the omelette is edible, though; you don’t want to give yourself a bad stomach in the name of beating a pal or family member in a friendly contest.

Do you have your own ideas of things to try while you’re staying safe at home? Perhaps you’re simply baking more to pass the time, using up store cupboard ingredients that would otherwise be left to gather dust. Or maybe you have a truly creative idea we can all try – let us know if that’s the case.

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