How to Go Veggie or Vegan in 2020

Your friends or family members seem to be doing it successfully, so perhaps it’s time to follow suit. What are we talking about, though?

That’s right…we’re focusing on going veggie or vegan, and how easy it is in 2020 to find tasty and nutritious foods and meals.

If you want to give vegetarianism or veganism a go, too, here are a few top tips to help you ease your way into a plant-friendly way of life. Read on…

Once upon a time, you might have been forgiven for thinking going veggie or vegan meant a life chowing down on ‘rabbit food’ and not a lot else.

Of course, by rabbit food we mean salad and veg. But today, there are so many veggies and vegans amongst us that it’s become so easy to give it a go.

From home delivery food prep boxes containing tempting recipes, to plant-friendly convenience meals, companies are geared up to ensure we don’t go hungry. More than that, though, vegetarians and vegans of 2020 can enjoy food that is so tasty, keen meat eaters might not be able to tell those burgers or sausages apart from ‘the real thing’.

Try it for a Week

Not sure vegetarianism or veganism is for you? Dip your toe tentatively into the water by starting small. Adopt a veggie or vegan lifestyle for a week or more and see if you can sustain it for much longer. Give it your very best shot by cooking delicious meals from scratch and picking the brains of your veggie or vegan mates for food inspiration and you may find it’s a new lifestyle choice by the end of the week.

Don’t Forget Dessert

So, you’ve mastered savoury veggie or vegan meals, but what about sweet treats like puddings? Some may well contain gelatin, which is an animal byproduct. Consider, then, how you might adapt your favourite homemade dessert to ensure you cab enjoy it as part of your new veggie or vegan diet.

Get Creative

It’d be relatively easy to bulk buy veggie or vegan microwave meals or popular veggie-friendly freezer essentials. But consider ways in which you can adapt your usual meals using vegetarian alternatives to meat, like tofu. Look for recipes online or head to YouTube to find inspiring veggie or vegan food channels.


A vegan or veggie lifestyle may be easier on the weekend when you have more time to cook tasty and nutritious meals. If you’re planning to remain a veggie through the week, you may have to plan your meals.

Work in an office? Think about whipping up a salad you can tuck into at your desk. Or if your job involves some travel, consider how you might incorporate veggie or vegan meals into your day as easily as you do at home.

Many convenience stores or local shops will have some options, but it may be worth having a few snacks in your desk drawer at work – or the glovebox of your car – for those little emergencies.

Are you going to give vegetarianism or veganism a go this year?

Until next time…