Top Tips for Reluctant Home Cooks

Can’t cook, won’t cook? Whether you’re a reluctant home cook or you love dishing up a meal or two but aren’t that good at it, we’re here to help.

Now that we’re all practicing social distancing, perhaps it’s as good a time as any to make the most of your home and learn a new skill. Or polish an old one.

Reluctant home cooks can take heed of these top tips…

Learn from the Pros

If you aren’t in a position to work – or work from home – put the time you’re spending away from the office to good use and get in the kitchen. But you don’t have to do it completely blindly (metaphorically speaking, we mean) because a host of top chefs are doing their bit to help you cook up a storm.

Jamie Oliver shares his top tips for shopping and cooking during the coronavirus lockdown via YouTube, thanks to his recent appearance on This Morning.

Jamie is currently self-isolating with his family but says we should all ‘keep cooking and carry on’. Take some more tips from the chef by clicking the link above.

On top of that, a host of London chefs have shared some recipes which are perfect for self-isolation. There’s a lamb Orzo pasta bake, a risotto, and curried noodles, amongst other delicious meals to try at home.

Practice Makes Perfect

The only way you’re going to get better at cooking is by experimenting.

Start small with an easy, midweek recipe idea, rather than going all-out with a chicken dinner and all the trimmings, or homemade pasta. The BBC Good Food site offers recipes for every kind of cook (link above), from the novice to the expert – why not try one this week?

Cook with Friends

Okay, so this is one to try when the coronavirus has well and truly blown over – but by cooking with friends, you’re making the experience a little more fun of you’re a reluctant cook.

Perhaps your pal can make the main course while you attempt the starter. While you’re self-isolating, you could cook from home with a little encouragement from a friend over the phone – or via Skype or FaceTime.

Get inventive during this short lockdown period and you may emerge an amazing cook at the end of it – just in time for entertaining friends and family.

Become Familiar with Pinterest

If you’re not yet on Pinterest, perhaps it’s time to download the app on your phone or use it via your desktop computer. It’s choc-full of tips, guides and inspiration for all kinds of things – from wedding planning to cooking, and even crafty makes you can try your kids.

Find simple recipes and guides and get creative in the kitchen during this social distancing period.  

Will you be heading into the kitchen and trying a new recipe this spring? Or perhaps you’ll be starting from scratch with a simple meal idea anyone will find easy to whip up. Let us know by commenting below – and stay safe, everyone.

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Until next time…