How to Have a Picnic in a Heatwave

The chances are, this slightly unusual British weather we’ve been experiencing this week has made you think: ‘picnic!’

We don’t blame you. After all, heatwaves are few and far between here in the UK, so we all must resist complaining about ‘how blinking hot we are’ and instead relish the chance to head outside in our shorts, t-shirts and sunnies.

A picnic presents the perfect opportunity – but only if the drinks you’ve packed in your hamper stay cold, and your sandwiches aren’t warm. Here’s our top tips for a great picnic…

Invest in a Decent Cool Bag

We’re sure you’re well aware that you’ll need a cool bag if you’re to consider a picnic in this heat. So, make sure you invest in a good one – and pack plenty of water. Ice lollies and pre-packaged ice creams are always best bought at your destination, but if not, try to eat them as soon as possible to avoid any melting mishaps. If you need a cool bag, The Independent has 10 recommendations for you, over here.

Try These Recipes

We love a good picnic, but we don’t half get fed up of sandwiches, grapes and crisps. So, why not try these homemade picnic treats via Coventry Telegraph? You can involve the kids in making them and they’ll take your picnic experience up a few notches, too. Yum! Don’t fancy making your own picnic? Marks and Spencer has launched a great deal that’s just perfect for the heatwave.

The BBC Good Food site also suggests taking a jar of salad to your picnic (Kilner jars are ideal for this, while the mini jam jars are perfect for storing a variety of salad dressings), and you can simply empty it onto some paper plates, alongside some finger food.

Don’t forget disposable cutlery, too – but do your bit to save our planet and opt for the wooden variety.

Stay Hydrated

It’s vital you stay hydrated – particularly during a heatwave, so pack plenty of drinks, as well as foods which will keep you refreshed. Think watermelon, pineapple and cucumber slices – and eat plenty. Make sure you take a good SPF, too. The tendency here in the UK is to forget about sun cream altogether, but that’s never wise. Stock up and slather it on.

Don’t forget, drinking flasks aren’t just for tea, either. Many of them can also be used to store cold drinks, so consider adding ice and water to your flask and sip throughout the day.

No time for a full-blown picnic? Instead, take your lunch away from your office desk and outdoors. Or find some time to simply head out for a stroll during your half an hour break. We promise the chance to soak up a little Vitamin D will do you – and your motivation – the world of good.

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Until next time…

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