Food & Kitchen Hacks – Just for Summer

Now that the summer heat’s been turned up to 10, you’ll want some refreshing kitchen hacks to try right away. Good news, then…we have plenty! That’s right; the team here at My Appliances has scoured the net to find the very best hacks, tips and tricks you can use all summer long. Read on for the full scoop…

Enjoy Ice Lollies, Mess Free

We love this tip via the Taste of Home site. The team suggests using muffin or cupcake cases to your advantage when you’re eating homemade or shop-bought ice lollies. Just poke your lolly stick through a paper muffin-tin liner (hack not pictured), allowing the case to collect any drips (instead of your hand).

No more sticky hands for you. The team at Taste of Home also recommends using frozen slices of fruit instead of ice cubes in your drinks. That way, the flavour won’t be watered down and you’ll also get a welcome hit of fruit juice – result!

Soak Strawberries in Vinegar

Say what?! Yes, really. By soaking your strawberries in vinegar, you’ll be preserving their freshness and killing mould. That’s the advice from the Pop Sugar site, which features a wealth of tips – just for summer.

Try These Pineapple Tricks

Want to make a decorative table centre with a pineapple and a carrot? You bet this YouTube video has the full tutorial, as well as some other handy hints and tips for your favourite summery fruit.

Make Immune-Boosting Flavoured Fruit Ice Cubes

Add some interest to your drinks selection at your next barbecue by following the advice at Vegan Heaven. The site has some tips for turning fruit juice into ice cubes and we love it! They taste great, are packed with nutrients and liven up even a glass of plain old water. The team at Vegan Heaven are also huge fans of popping grapes in the freezer. Making delicious frozen treats, they can be added to your favourite glass of wine to ensure it stays cool and refreshing.

Turn a Watermelon into a Drinks Keg

We think there’s a theme running through this blog post isn’t there…fruit! But when the tips are this good, does it really matter?!

We like the sound of this hack from Green Blender, who say that a watermelon makes the perfect drinks keg. All you need to do is scoop out the majority of the watermelon, before sticking a spigot on one side. Easy peasy! The team also suggests freezing your yoghurts and adding it to lolly sticks – a healthy and delicious summer treat.

Put Condiments in a Muffin Tin

There’s no need to break out all those individual bowls…the Green Blender site has another hack – and this one’s for storing and serving your condiments. If you’re hosting a barbecue or outdoor dinner, just squirt your ketchup, mustard or mayo straight into an individual hole of a muffin or cake tray. Then add to the fridge to chill, before placing it on your buffet table when your guests arrive.

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