Indulgent Treats for Summer Barbecues

Planning a barbecue this summer? You’ve probably already bought the meat, the bread buns and the condiments, but what about the desserts? The sweet stuff often gets overlooked at barbecues, but it can make or break your soiree.

So, what will you be dishing up after the ‘main event’? Try these indulgent treats we’ve found online – and ensure your guests leave with a full belly and a big smile on their faces. Read on…

The Pioneer Woman’s Fudge Brownies

Do you watch The Pioneer Woman’s TV cooking show? She’s known for simple home cooking and the programme came as a result of her popular online blog.

Her dark chocolate brownies are deemed deliciously fudgy – and, of course, they’re simple to make too. Whip them up, leave them in the fridge and serve when required. Yum!

Easy Chocolate Chip Muffins

Muffins are easy to make anyway, but these are even simpler to prepare. Featuring plenty of chocolate chips, the recipe contains ingredients you’ll probably already have in the cupboard – including caster sugar, self-raising flour, milk, and vanilla extract, amongst others. The addition of butter over margarine means they’re gorgeously indulgent.

Serve them at your barbecue and we promise they’ll go down well. Who doesn’t love a muffin?!

Strawberry Pavlova

Another indulgent dessert…and this one’s absolutely made for barbecues! You can’t beat a strawberry pavlova and this pudding serves six to eight people.

It’s a relatively easy dessert to make as well – and with the addition of juicy strawberries or even blueberries, it could well be one of your five-a-day, too. We jest, of course, but fruit’s always a winner in summer. If you’re short of time, you could make mini pavlovas, using shop-bought meringues, a dollop of yoghurt or fresh cream and plenty of strawberries.

Chocolate Fondue

If simple is what you’re looking for, you’ll love this easy fondue recipe, courtesy of YouTube. Once you’ve made the chocolate sauce, you can have lots of fun picking some treats to dip into it. Think strawberries, raspberries, marshmallows, banana slices – whatever you like. You could even add the slices to skewers and drizzle some sauce on top. Your guests will love them!

Banana Split

Let’s go ‘old school’! The traditional banana split has got to be one of the easiest desserts to make. Simply add a peeled banana to a fancy dish or plate, expertly position a couple of scoops of ice cream on top, and add sprinkles, glace cherries and chocolate or strawberry sauce to the mix. Absolutely delicious and no oven time needed.

Make things even easier for yourself by swapping ice cream for squirty cream. The kids will love serving their own and the adults will enjoy the nostalgia of a proper banana split.

Which of these indulgent post-barbecue desserts will you be trying this summer? Let us know – and don’t forget to share your own recipes or tip tips in the comments.

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