How to Have a Safer Christmas

At the beginning of 2020, we never imagined we’d be preparing for a festive season quite like the one we’ll be having this year. But we’re of the opinion that the only thing that matters is our health – and the health of everyone around us – so whether you’re having a quiet Christmas at home or you’re meeting a festive bubble (there’s some guidance on Christmas bubbles here), we want to help keep you as safe as possible.

Read on for the tips the My Appliances team will be following – direct from scientists – which we’re sure you’ll be keeping in mind this December, too…

Travel Safely

Planning to travel to see loved ones in your Christmas bubble? In this article, scientists said there is “a small amount of evidence relating to public transport, and growing concern that car-sharing poses a high risk due to the confined space.”

Try to travel in your own car, if possible, or if you don’t drive, consider arranging to have those that do drive to come to you.

Minimise the number of people you see over Christmas, if you can as well. Just because the Government is allowing us a Christmas bubble made up of three households, doesn’t mean we have to see that many people. You can have a perfectly lovely Christmas at home with your immediate family – plus, you may save some money.

You can also limit the time you spend with other households, too, popping round just to drop off presents or enjoy a quick drink. Once restrictions are finally (well, hopefully) eased in 2021, you could host a belated Christmas celebration.

Choose the Largest Space Possible

If you are spending time with a lot of people (within your Christmas bubble, of course), try to choose the largest space in your home in which to host the celebrations. If you can, crack open the windows a bit too. You may draw the line at wearing masks but you can ensure everyone stays as safe as possible by hand washing or sanitising.

Make Everyone Aware of Your Own Rules

If you’re feeling anxious about Christmas but still want to see your family, give everyone a call beforehand and brief them on your own rules. If they know in advance that you’d like them to hand sanitise or even wear a mask, they will be well prepared. You may also want to ask them to bring their own plates and glasses – and that’s fine too. As the host or hostess, you’re well within your rights to ask the guests to abide by the rules you set out.

Get sorted for Christmas - and keep everyone safe too - thanks to our top tips for the festive season, direct from the scientists.

A friendly text message or call a week or so before the big day will give everyone the necessary head’s up and provide the reassurance you’d like as well.

Plan a Festive Quiz

Minimise contact with other guests, where possible, by ditching the board games and organising a festive quiz. The scientists advise against Christmas sing-a-longs, too, which may increase the risk of virus transmission. You can still have fun on Christmas Day with a festive quiz; why not get each household to put a round together?

Decide Who’s Cooking

It doesn’t matter who’s cooking, there’s always someone who likes to keep a watchful eye on the action and pop into the kitchen to stir a pot or pan. This year, it would be best to let one person do the work (if they’re able to do that and happy to, of course) to minimise the chances of people coming into too close contact. The Christmas meal will be no better or worse for it, we promise.

Whatever happens this year, we hope you have a lovely day with your friends and family.

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