A Five-Star Christmas Meal on a Budget: How To

This festive season is going to be different in 2020; there’s no doubt about that. But if you want to make it extra special this year – and why wouldn’t you? – but still want to keep your budget very much in mind, this is the blog post for you.

Christmas isn’t about spending a lot of money on food and presents; it’s about sharing the day with those closest to you. We’re sure you’ll be doing that anyway, so we’re offering a few tips on how to create a five-star festive dinner without spending a small fortune. Here’s how…

Make Your Meal a Festive Centrepiece

You don’t have to splash the cash on expensive cuts of farm shop meat to wow your guests. Instead, you can impress your family and friends by ensuring what you serve on Christmas Day looks the part (and tastes good, too).

Make your meal a festive centrepiece and you’ll impress your friends and family – even if it’s a relatively simple dish, or one that’s cheap to buy.

For example, a roast chicken – cooked and garnished well – can be just as impressive as a turkey. And it’ll probably be a lot cheaper. This website has some alternative ideas on how to wow your guests with an Instagram-worthy festive dish. From ‘posh pizza’ to poached salmon and Portobello pot roast, there’s something for everyone. If you have the budget, you could create a few dishes, ready for guests to help themselves to on the big day.

If you need some more inspiration, we like the look of this orange grilled beer-can chicken from Betty Crocker.

Start Planning Now

Don’t leave planning for – and shopping for – your Christmas Day meal essentials until the last minute, as you can pretty much guarantee you’ll be running around from shop to shop, desperately trying to find what you need. Often, that can mean spending more than you want, by plumping for whatever is left over. That’s not to mention the stress you’ll experience from driving from supermarket to supermarket.

If you start preparing earlier, though – and have a clear shopping list that’s based around your three-course dinner – you won’t be tempted to spend more than required. Go armed with your shopping list and try not to stray too far from it – unless there’s a deal you simply can’t pass up. Look out for voucher codes if you’re doing your food shop online, or take coupons you’ve found in festive magazines or newspaper supplements to save what you can – every little helps, after all.

By putting in the effort to plan ahead, you’ll also be able to pick up festive food-related bargains with each of your weekly supermarket visits, rather than relying on everything you need being discounted in your annual ‘big Christmas shop’.

Consider DIY Decorations

Seen some festive table decorations you like the look of but want to save your money for some posh Christmas crackers or a luxurious pud? We don’t blame you.

Consider making DIY decorations; there are lots of helpful YouTube tutorials online. You may even be able to tweak items you already have in the house – or you may be able to pick extra bits up cheaply from the shops. Videos like this one will give you plenty of inspiration. Leftover baubles make fun table decorations, too (as above).

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