How to Store Wine: Top Tips

Mmm, wine! We all enjoy a cheeky tipple of our favourite red or white every now and again, don’t we? But how do you ensure your trusty bottle tastes the best it can be when you pour its contents into your glass?

It’s all about storing your wine properly – and thanks to our top tips you’ll soon be a wine pro. In terms of storage, at least. Read on…

Store Bottles Away from Direct Sunlight

Did you know that the condition in which wine is kept can have affect its unique flavour combinations? Well, it’s true! Storing your wine well really can make all the difference, whether your bottle is a vintage classic, or a £6.99 deal from the local shop.

UV rays are a no-no for your wine, then. Causing your bottle to become ‘light struck’, the sun can alter the taste of your wine, particularly white or rosé – and especially if it’s in a clear bottle. Why? Leaving your wine in the sun will age it prematurely. It will also leave it with a nasty aroma – and who wants that?! Not us!

Instead, make sure you store bottles in a dark area of your kitchen. A built-in wine storage rack, kept away from direct sunlight, will more than do the trick. Or why not invest in a great value, wine cooler for your white or rosé?

Consider Temperature

Your wine cooler will ensure your favourite tipple is kept at exactly the right temperature – and that’s vital if you want a great-tasting wine. The ideal wine storage temperature varies with every wine, so a wine cooler with dual temperature control zones could be the answer.

No wine cooler? The perfect temperature for wine is around 12 degrees – that’s if your fridge contains a few varieties of white or rosé.  It’s vital that you don’t let the temperature rise above 24 degrees, too, as fluctuations of air can pass through the wine’s cork and affect the taste of your tipple.

Lay Them Down!

You probably didn’t know this, but wines that are stored vertically for a lengthy period of time can suffer from dried-out corks. What this does is spoil the taste, which you won’t be too thrilled about when you come to sit down with a glass ahead of your favourite TV show.

Try preserving your wine’s flavours for longer by storing it on its side – especially if storing for a long time.

Don’t Store it Too Long, Though

The best tip of the lot, we’d say! After all, who wants to wait around for an age to sample a bottle of wine?

It doesn’t matter how perfect your storage conditions are, there is always a limit to how long you should store wine before the flavour begins to diminish. Keep in mind that most unopened red wines can be aged between two and 10 years, but some should be consumed within three years to ensure they’re at their best.

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