Impressive Canapés to Wow Your Guests

Agreed to host a dinner party? Maybe you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of planning it, even though it might be weeks away.

Perhaps your pals put on impressive social gatherings, complete with a welcome drink, a canapé or two, and plenty of games to entertain you throughout the night. Well, we can’t help you with the games, but the welcome drink’s easy – Prosecco all the way! Throw a few raspberries into your Prosecco flutes, pop them on a tray and you’re good to go!

What we can also help you with is the canapés – as they needn’t be expensive, or take too long to put together. But you can trust us that they’ll look good – and they’ll certainly get your guests talking. Here are a few ideas…

A ‘Nibble on a Spoon’!

When it comes to creating impressive canapés, let’s face it: it’s mostly down to what they look like. As much as it’s important that they taste nice, it’s also about ensuring they look the part, too. Wowing your guests enough that they want to get snap-happy and post a pic or two to social media is enough to make you want to throw a dinner party every weekend!

But we don’t want to over-face you – or point you in the direction of anything that’s too complicated. This canapé on a spoon idea (below) is genius. It’s a deconstructed canapé, if you like, and it doesn’t have to look picture-perfect, as such.

Add a few ingredients to some mini plastic spoons – a little cream cheese, a couple of prawns and some chopped peppers and herbs – and you have yourself a pretty impressive-looking canapé in no time at all.

Which ingredients you use is up to you – have a little fun with it, combining textures and tastes and a little bit of garnish where needed.

The Sweet One

Canapés don’t need to be savoury, you know! Indulge your sweet-toothed guests with some sugar-laced cupcakes, or some miniature cheesecakes. Cupcakes are easier, though; all you need is a recipe like this one and some mini cupcake cakes – et voila!

The Old Classic

Everyone remembers cheese and pickled onions on cocktail sticks, don’t they? A failsafe kids’ party treat, they were usually inserted into a potato covered with foil to resemble a kind of savoury hedgehog table feature. Bringing back memories?!

Well, these are the grown-up version! A grape, some cheese and some cute cocktail sticks complete with a miniature heart are all you need to turn this childhood classic into an impressive dinner party canapé.

The Easy One

Don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands? Some crackers, a dollop of cream cheese and a small slice of smoked salmon is all you need to create these canapé masterpieces, below.

Will you be giving any of these canapés a go? Do you have your own tips for creating tasty and simple bite-sized treats for your guests? Let us know.

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Until next time…

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