Put Your Freezer to Good Use with Our Top Tips

Sure, you cram boxes of food into every last nook and cranny in your freezer, but do you really make the most of one of your most-used household appliances? When we say ‘make the most’, we don’t just mean in terms of the space. Instead, we mean are you using your freezer to its potential?There’s a lot more to this towering kitchen storage solution than you realise!

To help you enjoy all the benefits having a freezer brings, read this week’s tips-based post here on the My Appliances site…

Freeze Herbs for Later

Bought a fresh coriander plant (or any other herb, for that matter) and want to prolong its ‘use by’? Simple! All you need to do is add a pinch of the herb to each compartment of an ice cube tray, topping it up with water and sliding into the freezer. Then, when you need some coriander to season your meal, simply add an ice cube to your pan – and stir! The water will melt, leaving behind perfectly fresh herbs!


Freeze Leftover Wine

Say what?! Yes, you can freeze leftover wine to preserve it for future recipes.  But have you ever heard such a thing as ‘leftover wine’?! Not in our household…

Don’t be tempted to drink the wine you’ve frozen, though, as it’ll only be suitable to cook with. Be aware that due to its alcohol content, it may take longer than water would to freeze as well. But it’s a good tip either way, and it’ll save you pouring wine down the sink if it’s been open a few days.

Freeze Bananas

Don’t have the motivation to make your own ice cream? Make a healthier alternative with bananas and peanut butter and whack it in the freezer. Here’s the recipe – trust us when we say you won’t be going back to your usual, artificial-tasting, shop-bought strawberry ice cream, when you can try fruity ice cream with a difference.

Freeze Raspberries

Raspberries and other small berries are the ideal size for adding to an ice cube tray. Again, fill with water and freeze. You can then add them to Prosecco, wine, homemade fruit cocktails…whatever you like!

Freeze Stock

Why resort to processed stock cubes when you can make your own and freeze them for later? First, reduce your homemade stock in a pan in order to make the most of its flavour, before freezing it in your trusty ice cube tray until it’s solid. Once it is solid, decant the cubes of stock into a freezer bag, taking one out whenever you need to.

Invest in an Ice Lolly Maker

Now that the weather’s finally warming up, it’s a good time to invest in an ice lolly maker. You can buy them cheaply enough from the supermarket and then you can simply add cordial – or even fresh orange – for a healthier take on the ice lollies you’d ordinarily buy from the supermarket’s freezer aisle.

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