Veggie Barbecue Ideas that Taste Just as Good as the Real Thing

It’s that glorious time of year again when all we want to do is get out into the garden and cook delicious food for friends and family out in the open air. There’s something magical about a slap-up barbecue meal under the shining sun of a lazy Saturday afternoon, and there are so many ways to enjoy it, be you a carnivore or a an animal-loving vegetarian.

That’s because barbecue recipes don’t just stop at huge hunks of steak and sticky ribs. Flames might have meant charred meat to our cavemen relatives, but when it comes to the modern barbecue, there are more healthy, tasty and veggie-based recipes than ever before!

So, without further ado, here are some perfect recipes for a plant-based barbecue, ideal for #nationalvegetarianweek.

Veggie Beetroot and Halloumi Sliders




This delicious alternative to mini burgers or pulled pork sliders uses to earthily delicious taste of fresh beetroot with the salty tang of halloumi to create a truly yummy vegetarian barbecue classic.

Use brioche buns to make them even more special, and swap the chilli jam for a chutney of your choice. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not use a hot and spicy sauce, or garlic mayo spiked with mint for the non-spicy foodies?

Find the full recipe here at Olive magazine.

Thai Spiced Veggie Skewers

We’re heading to the balmy tropics of Thailand with Wanderlust Kitchen for this recipe, which uses fresh veg like courgettes and bright red peppers, along with mushrooms as the main event.

The veg are basted in a fragrant marinade, using coriander, ginger, soy and sriracha to really make those beautiful veggies sing. Find the full recipe here.

Cheesy Corn on the Cob


A summer barbecue wouldn’t be a barbecue without the bright yellow of sweetcorn, charring gently above the charcoal.

This recipe changes it up a bit, adding a deliciously moreish vegetarian parmesan to their buttery garnish. It’s easy to make and even easier to eat! Find the recipe here.

Green Burgers

Even the pickiest of children will love eating these wonderfully green burgers! The colour of playing fields and treetops, these delicious veggie burgers are good enough for meat eaters – we know because they told us!

Top with juicy tomatoes, crispy salad leaves and your choices of relishes, sauces or chilli jam. Why not create a sauce station, where your eager guests can douse their green burgers in all the condiments they desire?

You’ll want to place some foil with a little vegetable oil brushed on top on the barbecue before you place these babies on the grill. It’ll help stop them from sticking and help them to retain their shape.

Find the full recipe – including side dish ideas – over on the BBC Good Food website.

Charred Pineapple

How about dessert?

Jamie Oliver has come up with a simple but genius recipe to make pineapples even more delicious. Yes, it is possible!

Dusted with icing sugar before grilling to create caramelisation to die for, he then suggests a vanilla and mint creme fraiche dressing to dollop on the side. We recommend a lovely cool glass of wine too. Are you drooling? So it’s not just us?

And there you have it – five incredibly easy, totally delicious vegetarian barbecue recipes to delight every single one of your guests, no matter what they eat!

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