Instant Boiling Water Taps: Why They’re Convenient

When you think of a boiling water tap, what comes to mind? This name might conjure up images of office water coolers capable of dispensing piping hot water with the press of a red button or lever – et voila, instant tea or coffee!

Instant boiling water taps, however, are something entirely different. While water dispensers certainly are capable of delivering hot water, they’re not as powerful as boiling water taps. These boiling water taps sit above your sink like regular kitchen taps, except, unlike regular kitchen taps, they are also capable of instantly producing boiling water on demand.  

So why should you get an instant boiling water tap? The short answer: convenience.

You can cut down on your cooking time since you don’t have to wait around for a pot of water to boil. Simply collect water from your instant boiling water tap, and there you have it! Now you can enjoy delicious instant pasta and noodle dishes far faster. You won’t be needing a kettle any longer with a boiling water tap, either, which can save on space in your kitchen.

What’s more, if someone in your household has difficulty lifting a kettle or pot of water, a boiling water tap can help them get the boiling water they need without injuring themselves. You’ll even be saving on water, since you can easily take only the water you need from the boiling water tap.

If you’re wondering how boiling water taps work, it’s quite simple. An electric-powered hot water tank connected to your water supply is plugged directly into a power socket, which allows water to be heated instantly. All you need is space underneath your sink to place this hot water tank, a free power socket near your sink and sufficient water pressure.

So there you have it! With an instant boiling water tap, boiled water is instantly available to you. However, not all boiling water taps are the same. There are a couple of different styles available to choose from. There are some taps that dispense only boiled water, three-in-one taps that dispense cold, hot and boiled water, and four-in-one taps that dispense all of the above, plus filtered water.

Here at My Appliances, we offer three-in-one boiling water taps that combine filtered water and instant boiling water. For your convenience, these boiling water taps allow you to adjust the water temperature, just like a regular kitchen tap. However, unlike regular kitchen taps, these boiling water taps provide instant filtered boiling water to make your life easier. There are even child-safe spring locks on the boiling water knobs, so you can have peace of mind.

For even more convenience, the boiling water taps on the My Appliance website come with a 2.4 litre water tank already, as well as an unvented design that eliminates the need for extra pipework. You can even choose a tap that matches the colour scheme of the rest of your kitchen.

We hope this brief guide helped shed a bit of light on boiling water taps.

Until next time…