5 Ways to Love Spending Time in Your Kitchen

Does the thought of spending time in your kitchen make you break out in a sweat? You’re not alone. This has been especially true during the pandemic (and especially if you’re not a big home cook) when dining-out options have become limited, and we all had to adjust to preparing our own meals at home.

Believe it or not, you can learn to love being in your kitchen just a little more. Here are five simple tips that might just help.

Declutter Surfaces

There a few things that sap morale more than the sight of a cluttered kitchen. You know what we’re talking about: appliances and storage containers taking up all the available space on all visible surfaces – until you can’t even see those surfaces anymore.

How often do you use those appliances? If there are some you use regularly, such as your coffeemaker or toaster, then it’s fine to leave them out on the worktop for easy access. For everything else, however, store them out of sight until you need to use them.

(Check out our blog post for more decluttering tips.)

Get in the Mood

Make being in your kitchen enjoyable by listening to your favourite music and podcasts as you cook. You can even catch up with your favourite TV programmes while you bustle about the kitchen, so you can associate being in your kitchen with entertainment.

Having something to sip on can also help you enjoy being in your kitchen. Sparkling water, wine or even a cuppa are all fair game to keep your spirits up.

Clean As You Go

Just as walking into a cluttered kitchen can bring your morale down, so too can watching dirty dishes and utensils gradually pile up in your sink.

Cut down on the overwhelming post-cooking clean-up by cleaning as you go. Every time you finish using ingredients, put them back in the cupboard or fridge instead of leaving them out on the work top. Done using a plate? Put it into the dishwasher or wash it in the sink immediately instead of allowing it to sit around.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

You may have already decluttered your kitchen, but if your cupboards and storage cabinets are now bulging with the items you cleared off your kitchen surfaces, you may need to perform a clear-out. You’ll be glad of it when you can now open high-up cabinets without worrying about containers raining down on your head!

Pull out items you rarely use or don’t really need – like your kitsch crockery hoard, or your dozens of plastic containers with missing lids.  

Keep Your Kitchen Favourites in Sight

Lastly, you won’t enjoy being in your kitchen unless you have items you love ready for you to use. These items should be things you know will be used, and, as such, have their permission to sit on your worktops for easy access. You may even be enticed into spending more time in your kitchen if you can see these kitchen favourites sitting in plain sight.

We hope these tips help you grow to love being in your kitchen!

Until next time…