Lockdown Ideas for Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt about it: Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year. With the ongoing threat of the coronavirus pandemic forcing the UK to go into a nationwide lockdown, going out to a restaurant for a dinner date is no longer an option.

Don’t worry, as there are still ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day (February 14) from the comfort of your own home. Whether you live together with your partner, are dabbling in virtual dating or simply want to celebrate with your favourite people, here are some ideas for the perfect quarantine Valentine’s Day.

Indoor Picnic

Since you can’t have your usual candlelit dinner at a posh restaurant, why not set up a more casual, but no less romantic indoor picnic date?

You’ll just need a blanket to spread out in your living room or bedroom, a few pillows to lean against so you can get comfortable, and flowers, greenery or tealight candles in the middle for optimum romantic vibes. As for food, you can’t go wrong with simple finger sandwiches, a charcuterie board or a cheese board. And of course, don’t forget a good bottle of wine or champagne!

Online Cookery Class

Bond in the kitchen with your significant other by enrolling in an online cookery class. Think you can’t cook? These online classes will teach you a little something about cooking and cuisines, all while allowing you to have a bit of fun in the kitchen. Your Valentine’s Day dinner date will be extra special with the addition of the food you and your partner cooked together.

The Jamie Oliver Cookery School offers cooking classes over Zoom, as does Tabl Magazine. What’s more, YouTube remains a treasure trove of wonderful free videos, so you might even be able to find pre-recorded cooking tutorials there.

Paint Date

Making art is a great stress reliever, allowing you to unwind and relax via canvas. Why not share the joy alongside your partner? You can chat and listen to music as you paint together. Wine is optional, but recommended!

As with cooking, you don’t need to be Van Gogh in order to enjoy a paint date. You also don’t need to break your wallet, either, buying supplies. You’ll just need to blank canvases, acrylic paint, paintbrushes and an easel to keep your canvas upright.

There are plenty of free, step-by-step painting tutorials available for you to follow along with on YouTube. Step By Step Painting has many tutorials on their website as well.

At-Home Spa Night

Pamper yourself and your significant other this Valentine’s Day with a DIY, at-home spa night. Light some scented candles, play some calming music, and get your nails and face in tip-top shape with a manicure and facial grooming kit and a peel off face mask. You can relax together on the couch while resting your feet in a DIY foot soak, which you can make with ingredients around your house, such as Epsom salt, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and mouthwash. You can enjoy the above with or without a deliciously cooked meal first – the choice is yours.

If all else fails and you want to minimise the effort needed to create a great Valentine’s Day, order a takeaway and relax!

Until next time…