It’ll Soon Be Shrove Tuesday: Here Are Some Ideas with Pancakes

This year, Shrove Tuesday falls on the first day of March. Also known as Pancake Day, this traditional day of feasting comes right before Ash Wednesday, which marks the start of Lent, the 40-day period of fasting leading up to Easter.

But before the fasting comes the feasting. That’s because traditionally, Shrove Tuesday has served as the final day to prepare for Lent, during which more ‘indulgent’ foods like meat, eggs and dairy products are avoided. These indulgent food products are used up on Shrove Tuesday to clear out kitchen cupboards and pantries everywhere for the days of Lent fasting.

It turns out pancakes are a great way to accomplish this pantry-clearing! In anticipation of Shrove Tuesday, we’ve gathered some tasty pancake ideas for you to try out…

Traditional English Pancakes

You certainly can’t go wrong with sticking to tradition. There are many ways of preparing pancakes, but the traditional English style involves very thin crepe-like pancakes fried in a pan, then topped with caster sugar, jam, fresh fruit, golden syrup or lemon juice, to name just a few toppings. These pancakes are a cinch to make, as all the ingredients are most likely already in your kitchen cupboards.

This recipe breaks down the simple steps needed to make your own English pancakes. Don’t forget: these pancakes are best eaten fresh and warm!

American Pancakes

In comparison to English pancakes, the pancakes favoured by our neighbours across the pond are far thicker and fluffier, thanks to rising agents like baking powder. If you want to try something a little different for Pancake Day, then why not try your hand at making American-style pancakes?

This recipe also calls for few ingredients, but despite the deceptively short list, the end result is something tasty and fluffy, almost airy. Serve these pancakes with maple syrup or fresh fruit or berries.

Want a savoury twist? Give bacon pancakes a try. Yes, really!

French Crêpes

In the great pancake thickness continuum, French crêpes lie at the farthest end of the scale, completely opposite the thick American pancake. Thinner even than English pancakes, crêpes are surprisingly easy to make, and can be eaten with sweet or savoury toppings.

If you want to go the French route this coming Pancake Day, then do check out this crêpe recipe. Just 30 minutes are all you need to make a batch of hot, tasty crêpes. For sweet toppings, consider fresh fruit or berries, chocolate sauce and plenty of icing sugar. For something more savoury, you can’t go wrong with eggs and cheese.

Scottish Pancakes

At first glance, Scottish pancakes look a lot like their American counterparts, but apparently, the main difference lies in the taste. Sure, Scottish pancakes might be a smidge thicker, but the secret’s in the batter. Also known as drop scones, Scottish pancakes typically contain more flour, resulting in simultaneously more fluffiness and crustiness.

Try this recipe out for size and see whether Scottish pancakes are your jam. And if they’re not, well…they can still be enjoyed with a healthy topping of jam!

We hope you have an excellent, pancake-filled Shrove Tuesday!

Until next time…