International Chocolate Cake Day is Upon Us! Some Recipes to Try…

If you’re a certified dessert lover, you might already have World Chocolate Day marked off on your calendar for July 7. But did you know that there’s another day set aside for celebrating not just chocolate, but chocolate cake?

That’s right – this coming January 27 is International Chocolate Cake Day – the perfect day for lovers of thick, comforting slices of chocolate cake. Not so great if you’re on a New Year’s health kick, mind.

To mark the occasion, you can support your local bakery and purchase some cake. However, if you’re up to the task, why not make some chocolate cake yourself?

Read on for some tantalising recipes to try out this International Chocolate Cake Day…

Original Chocolate Cake

The person responsible for the first ever chocolate cake recipe is Eliza Leslie, an American who, in 1847, published the first cake recipe that also incorporated chocolate. Her recipe made chocolate cake far more accessible for the sweet-toothed masses.

Eliza Leslie’s original chocolate cake recipe relies on spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as, of course, chocolate. You can use chopped-up unsweetened chocolate, or you can opt for cocoa powder if you want a lighter, less dense cake. Whatever chocolate option you pick, the result will be a Bundt cake perfect for serving at tea.

Chocolate Orange Battenberg

Add a citrusy, chocolatey twist to the classic Battenberg cake with this gluten free recipe. A whole cooked orange – or two mandarins – lends this moist cake its delicious flavour, but the chocolate sponge parts cannot be understated. Overall, this is a slightly more complicated recipe, but for the chocolate lover with baking skills, this is not one to be missed.

Devil’s Food Cake

We have something else to thank the Americans for on International Chocolate Cake Day: devil’s food cake! This darker counterpart to angel food cake (not to be confused with Angel cake) is darker and richer than typical chocolate cakes, so this seems like the perfect way to celebrate International Chocolate Cake Day.

This old-fashioned devil’s food cake recipe is intensely moist, dense and decadent, with chocolate frosting to die for.

Chocolate Sponge Cake

If you want something lighter and less rich than devil’s food cake, but still want to keep the spirit of decadence, look no further than Mary Berry’s chocolate sponge cake recipe. Just as gooey and delicious as devil’s food cake, this chocolatey sponge cake has a light sponge base covered on all sides with a dark chocolate ganache. This recipe is incredibly easy to whip up, and therefore perfect for serving alongside a cup of tea.

Chocolate Cheesecake

There might be another contender for the title of ‘most decadent chocolate cake,’ and that would be this chocolate cheesecake. Plain cheesecake is rich and filling all on its own, so when you add chocolate into the mix – literally – only magical things are sure to result.

You’ll be glad to know this chocolate cheesecake recipe is an absolute doddle to make. Most of the ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen cupboards or fridge, so there’s nothing stopping you from whipping up a batch of this indulgent, creamy cake.

We hope these recipes will inspire you to whip up something tasty (and chocolatey) this coming International Chocolate Cake Day!

Until next time…