Kin Knives

If you are passionate about cooking and are always looking for new tools to help you sharpen your skills, then take a look at Kin Knives. If you haven’t heard of them previously, Kin Knives are one of the most famous brands of kitchen knives in the UK with a collection of products you can buy from small manufacturers and online.

So where did Kin Knives originate? In 1994 a man named Tony Murland went to Japan looking to source Japanese woodworking tools. After looking around, he came across many different knives he had never seen before. He ended up travelling back with a few sets and Kin Knives was born. Murland always had an interest in cooking so these knives attracted him straight away. They are beautifully designed, well balanced knives that have layered steel blades with a handmade elegant handle.

Kin Knives have a fine cutting edge made of either a laminated or folded construction which allows them to finely cut through your foods quickly and efficiently. We had the pleasure of meeting Harriet at the BBC Good Food Show who showed us just how sharp these knives can be. We saw first-hand the sleek performance these knives can do, gliding through any food with ease and precision.

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As Kin Knives are too abrasive, it is advised to never sharpen with a butchers steel or pull them through a sharpener as this is likely to damage the blade. With this in mind, it is recommended that you use a ceramic sharpening tool or diamond stones. You can purchase all of these tools on their website here.

If you have a Kin Knife or are looking to purchase one, there is so much useful information on their website that is sure to sway your decision. You may be paying that bit extra for these knives, however the quality you will receive is completely worth it, these knives are like no other and they have satisfied many professional chefs. Just take a look at a few of these reviews…

‘If you’re past the introductory level in knife skills and have worked out that you want to be a good chef or a good cook then you’re going to need these tools for the job. Undoubtedly, Kin Knives are one of the best knives you can get.’ Antony Worrall Thompson

‘Kin Knives – why settle for less, the very best of Japanese knives’ John Torode

‘Having spent years flitting from brand to brand and style to style it is so satisfying to finally come across a knife that I am completely happy with. The balance, the weight, the feel of it in my hand could not be better.’ Dhruv Baker – Winner of 2010 Masterchef

‘I would not be without my Kin Knives, I have two and I take them everywhere I cook. As well as being a lovely weight they also seem to stay sharper for much longer than any other knives. They are definitely worth every penny!’ Lisa Faulkner – Actress and Winner of Celebrity 2010 Masterchef

So take a look for yourself by visiting the website here. You can browse their collection and what they are all about. Don’t waste your time with any other knives anymore!

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