Kitchen Gadgets to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a house. It’s not only where food is made, but a place where moments and memories are shared. But when the kitchen’s every-day appliances start to fail, it can be stressful to find suitable replacements. Never fear, though, as we’ve come up with our top picks when it comes to gift ideas that will take pride of place on your counter tops.

Fuel Up

Caffeine has become a staple of our daily lives – and for people who have hectic mornings, a cup of coffee is about the only thing that provides the energy to power through the day. If that sounds like someone you know, and perhaps their old machine is on the blink, then you won’t go far wrong with wrapping up and gifting them with a coffee maker.

The Ek’Oh Coffee Pod machine has been designed for quick and easy use (perfect as no-one likes extra hassle first thing!) and can produce a fantastic range of coffees, with the espresso in particular championed by dozens of consumers. The white finish looks classy in any kitchen and is easier to clean and wipe down than many other coffee makers on the market.

russell hobbs

If your loved one is more of a tea drinker, they’ll love unwrapping the Russell Hobbs 21600. The lightweight glass kettle turns blue when it boils – quickly and rather quietly – and has a sleek, modern design. It also has a fantastic limescale filter, meaning that even those living in hard-water areas won’t find any nasty surprises in their morning cuppa.


If you’re fed up of seeing your friend or loved one run around their kitchen gathering up tools and appliances prior to preparing ingredients for a meal, why not treat them to a food processor? The Bosch MCM3501 has more than 50 functions, and will slice, grate, chop and blend pretty much anything that’s popped in it. Worried about the noise most processors make? This one is extremely quiet, meaning no matter what kind of conversations take place in the kitchen, no-one has to shout to be heard.


Blend It

With the New Year just around the corner, chances are someone you know has already started talking about how 2018 will be the year they get healthy, declaring they’ll go to the gym, quit smoking, and start drinking smoothies and the like. If (like many of the My Appliances team), a friend or loved one wants to take in more fruit and vegetables come January, there’s no better way to do it than by using a Bullet Blender – and there are several fantastic models on the market right now.

One of the best is the NutriSHOT. Its blades will reduce anything from celery and ice, to frozen fruit and nuts to liquid in seconds and it also comes with two different blending glasses, one 550ml, the other 800ml which can be used to drink-on the-go.


Make a Splash

So this product recommendation isn’t so much a kitchen gadget, but a permanent addition to the heart of the home. Our splashbacks come in a host of colours and can liven up an otherwise neutral space. Check out this vibrant red one, or take a look around the My Appliances site to pick out your favourite shade.

Are there any kitchen gadgets you’re wishing for this Christmas? Do you have any product recommendations? Comment on this blog below or get in touch with us via Facebook.

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