Kitchen Hacks to Try Today

Whether you’re in the process of overhauling your current kitchen or having a brand new one fitted, there are a number of things you can do to make your life easier in the most-used room of the home. Kitchen hacks are absolutely everywhere (seriously, check out Pinterest – there are loads of good ones) so we thought we’d compile some of our favourites here on the My Appliances blog this week. Ready, steady…organise your kitchen!

Make a Feature of Baking Equipment

Everyone’s gone baking mad – and we have The Great British Bake Off to thank for that. With that in mind then, don’t conceal your pots, pans and other baking bits and bobs; instead display them in your kitchen and make a real feature of them.

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Above, someone has taken a pretty selection of cake cases and placed them in a Kilner jar – simple but very effective. And of course the jar serves a purpose too! Oh, and once you’ve used up the cake cases, you could use it for preserving jam or any of your other homemade treats.

Be Storage-savvy


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If you’re short of space in the kitchen, it’s time you got savvy with storage. A few wire baskets (as seen above) can simply be glued onto the side of a crate or an old piece of wood and attached to the wall. Making use of otherwise-unused sections of your kitchen, this is one top tip you could try today.

Make Use of Hidden Spots

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If yours is a small kitchen, you really will have to make use of every available nook and cranny. Consider, then, where there’s space that just isn’t being utilised. The inside of kitchen cupboards offer a great opportunity to store bits and pieces which might otherwise be cluttering up your worktop (see above).

Turn Wine into Wine Cubes

Now here’s a tip we can certainly all get on board with!


You’ve heard about water being turned into wine; now you can turn wine into…er…wine ice cubes. Simply add wine to an ice cube tray – and voila!

Create an At-home Bar

Now what are you going to do with all those wine ice cubes you prepared earlier? Add them to a refreshing glass of wine, that’s what.

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And you might want to wheel that wine into the living area on your very own DIY drinks trolley or cart. We call it a tea trolley here in Blighty, of course, but it becomes far more exciting when it features alcohol – just remember to drink responsibly!

So there you have it; a few handy hints and tips you can try today or any day. Got some spare time on your hands this weekend? Give at least one of these ideas a go and restore some order in your kitchen.

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