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Do yo get a pang of envy when you see a friend’s new, glossy magazine-worthy kitchen? Or maybe you spend your afternoons snooping at the gorgeous home pics on Instagram, or the ones littered on interiors-focused blogs. If so, you’re not alone. We do it, too – and today on the My Appliances blog, we’re sharing with you some of the most gorgeous kitchens from around the Internet. Read on to have a peek…

Beach House Kitchen

The ever-stylish Will reveals his beautiful beach house-style kitchen on his popular blog, Bright Bazaar. In the piece, he says that his New York home, particularly his kitchen, makes him ‘misty-eyed’. That’s how much he loves it – and when you click on the link above, you’ll see why he does.

He says: “The kitchen before was lacking surface space, light and practicality’, before going on to add that panel-ready appliances were key for the space. Custom cabinetry was next and the space is now absolutely swoon-worthy.

Prefer a kitchen that’s more rustic? We found the below picture on Pixabay and we love the brick walls, wooden-framed windows and the addition of the cacti. Easy to look after, they add a welcome burst of life to any kitchen and can add interest to a bare corner of your space.

Cool and Contemporary

Marble-esque cabinetry and wire-framed chairs take centrestage in this kitchen we found on Pixabay. We love the shelves in the centre of the room, too – practical and stylish. A splash of colour in the form of the greenery under the window really lifts the space, too.

Like this kitchen? So do we.

Lovely, L-Shaped Spaces

Working with an L-shaped space? Wondering how best to maximise it? Ideal Home has some ideas over here

Advice includes using ‘banks of cabinets’ on the wall to offer an ‘abundance of storage’. You can still add a table of chairs into an L-shaped kitchen, just make sure you pick wisely to ensure it complements the space well. Minimise clutter on worktops, too, to make the room look bigger.

Marvellously Minimalist 

Create a clutter-free kitchen by emptying your worktops of cookbooks and utensils and instead give a few well-chosen accessories pride of place. Another pic via Pixabay, the below kitchen exudes style. What do you think?

If you’d like a space like this, start with a big decluttering mission. Empty out all your cupboards and start bagging up unused gadgets and utensils for the charity shop. If you have too many tins of food (that you know you’ll struggle to get through for a while), think about donating them to a local food bank. Now, only keep what’s necessary in terms of decorative items, giving them all a clean and polish before placing them back on your worktops.

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