Laundry Day? Here’s Our Top Tips

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And if tips and hints is what you’re after, we’ve plenty more where those came from. Today on the blog, we’re sharing with you some ideas for laundry day. Whether you love or hate it, we all have to do it.


For many, laundry is one of the most frustrating household tasks, so here’s a little inspiration to ensure it’s more of a doddle:

Cut Down Drying Time

Did you know that by adding a dry towel to your wet washing, you’ll reduce the time it take to dry in the dryer? Make sure you only leave it in for 10-15 minutes, though; otherwise, it’ll add more moisture to your dryer and you’ll be back to square one.

Un-Shrink Items You’ve Shrunk

Well, that was a mouthful of a title, wasn’t it? But if you take a t-shirt out of the washer and realise it’s shrunk, simply dunk it into an ice-cold bucket of water, along with a little hair conditioner – and voila! It’ll return to its original size.

Stain Removal Hacks

Oil on your top? Remove it with white chalk. Or perhaps you’ve got a grass stain or two on your clothes? Get rid of it with vinegar. Lipstick can be removed with baby wipes, and coffee with baking soda. Sweat stains? No problem. Get some lemon juice on them. And everyone knows the old wine trick? Remove red wine stains from clothing and upholstery with white wine – yes, it’s true.


What About Trainers?

Use the summer holidays as an excuse to get on top of all those washing jobs you’ve been dreading. You can clean trainers too, you know, and it doesn’t involve hand-scrubbing them with a cloth. While many people advise against it, they can often be bunged in the washing machine – just check the manufacturer’s instructions before you do. Persil has some great advice, so head over to the site and take a look.


Make Your Own Laundry Tablets

Did you know you can actually make your own laundry tablets? Head here for the full tutorial. It may just save you when you’ve run out of your usual detergent.

Vinegar is Your Friend

The chip chop staple can be used in all manner of ways around the house. In a mammoth laundry day tips article, Buzzfeed suggests using vinegar with baking soda on towels that have seen better days; this will perk up their ‘fluff factor’ a bit and save you shelling out for new ones.

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