The Bake Off’s Back! Kitchen Kit You Need in Your Life

The wait is nearly over! The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens next week – but not in the way we know it! Airing on Tuesday (August 29) at 8pm, the show returns,  but it’ll be broadcast on Channel 4 as opposed to BBC1. The judging panel has changed a bit, too. We shed a tear here in the My Appliances office when we heard Mary Berry will no longer be fronting the programme; in her place, we have comedian Noel Fielding, and foodie Prue Leith.

Paul Hollywood will be re-joining the show and you can expect a similar format, with the bakers going head to head to take home the coveted trophy.

If, following each show, you love nothing more than whipping up some of the treats the contestants have made, then you’ll definitely want to read on. We’ve compiled our essential baking kit to ensure you can become Star Baker, too.

Piping Bags

So, this isn’t one of those articles where we wax lyrical about equipment and products that’ll break the bank. Instead, we’re bringing you some pretty essential baking kit that won’t cost the earth – but that you just haven’t yet introduced to your kitchen.

Piping with a piping bag can be difficult to master, but once you get there, you’ll be a Cupcake Queen or King, since you’ll be able to create your own swirly buttercream and wow your colleagues with your cake-based efforts. When it comes to purchasing some piping bags, though, make sure you opt for good quality ones – remember that old adage: ‘buy cheap, buy twice’!


Electric Whisk

Sure, you can put the elbow grease in – if you want, and you’ve got the time. But an electric hand whisk really will cut down the hours you spend in the kitchen. Which means you’ll have more time free for the finer details, like icing those cakes with your piping bag.

If you want to go all-out, a Bake Off-style freestanding mixer will save you even more time, since you can wash and tidy your workspace while you’re waiting for your mixture to get to the right consistency.


Measuring Spoons

Invest in a good set of measuring spoons and you’ll be glad you did. Since your usual cutlery drawer spoons can be all different sizes (can you tell apart a tablespoon from a dessert spoon, for example?) it’s best not to take a risk. Instead, measuring spoons designed for baking will ensure you get the right amount of baking powder or vanilla essence, every time.

egg-2142065_960_720Digital Weighing Scales

Again, accuracy is everything when you’re baking; it’s not like cooking when you can simply chuck a little of this (and a little of that!) into the pan. Don’t go for the fancy, retro-style weighing scales as they tend not to be as accurate. Instead, opt for digital ones and you can weigh your ingredients down to the last gram.


A Hardworking Oven

A bad workman always blames his tools – but that’s fair enough if your cake hasn’t risen properly because your oven has seen better days. Invest in a new one, then. This fan oven is currently in the sale – so why wouldn’t you think about replacing that tired, old kitchen appliance with a sparkly new one?!

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