Must-have Appliances for the Chef in Your Life

With Christmas on the horizon, many of you will already be thinking about what to place under the tree for your nearest and dearest on December 24. Well, look no further! It’s our guide to the best kitchen gadgets and appliances out there, because everyone knows a budding chef, don’t they?! Read on…

For the Wannabe Bake Off Contestant…

You might be a baker yourself, but if not, everyone has a pal who’s always bleating on about entering the Bake Off. The chances are – if that’s the case – they already own a freestanding mixer. But if not, you’ll definitely want to consider getting them one – or you know, club together with some other pals and splash out. Those things are expensive!

The KitchenAid is one of the most popular and it’s because it does all sorts; kneading dough and stirring cake mixture to name just two of its useful functions.


For the One Who Blends Everything…

Know someone who won’t let so much as a single sprout go to waste? You know the types…those who are blending at every opportunity, making green juices and delicious soups.

Well, on the soup front there’s a little gadget that has it covered – and it’s this!



You can now ensure it’s even easier to whip up a soup or two, thanks to this soup maker – buy one for yourself or someone else and get ready to enjoy something warm and hearty.

For the One Who Cooks Rice at Every Meal Time…

Rice can be hard to get right – even the keenest of home cooks will tell you that! Cue the Sage Risotto Plus, which will help you make fluffy rice the easy way! The Heston Blumenthal appliance isn’t cheap but it’ll work wonders on mid-week meals.

For the One Who Likes their Food Grilled…

Is there a health fanatic or fitness buff in the family? They’ll most likely be a fan of grilled food, which is often a better option over anything fried. Say hello, then, to the Tefal Optigrill, which makes preparing a feast for the family an absolute doddle as well.

Grill anything from poultry to burgers and enjoy a healthy home-cooked meal any night of the week.

Thinking of treating someone? This is the perfect gadget for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen – and it could even work for summer barbecues, too – if you care to think that far ahead, that is.

For the One Who Loves Wine…


Every great chef knows exactly what type of wine to pair with which dish – and that’s why he or she needs a great quality wine cooler. Oh, and you’ve guessed it – you can get one right here on the My Appliances site! Plus, we’re also running an offer: get a free £60 wine voucher with any cooler – result!

So there you have it! If you needed a little pre-Christmas inspiration, we hope our guide has proved helpful. Want to see more like this? Don’t forget to keep an eye on the My Appliances Facebook page and you’ll be the first to know when we post a new blog live.

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