A Drop More Wine? Three Storage Ideas

If the right bottle of red is as important to you on a weekend than what you’ll be tucking into in front of your favourite Saturday night TV programmes, then you’ll be glad you stumbled by our blog today. Why? This week on the My Appliances site we’re looking at fun and quirky ways to store your prized wine collection. Move over, standard wine rack…here’s some new ideas you’ll love.


Get Handy!

Are you good with a hammer and nail? If so, then get handy and create a wine storage solution from a couple of old wooden pallets. We love this idea, as seen on Pinterest, as it’s so simple yet effective too. You can also use it to display wine glasses to ensure everything’s in one place – perfect!

A Big Drawer

Plenty of cupboard space in your kitchen? Don’t know quite how to utilise that large bottom drawer? Grab your favourite bottles of wine and lie them on their backs, labels to the top – et voila; when you pull the drawer open you’ll be greeted with your entire collection in one simple move. Oh and the best bit? You don’t have to spend a penny!


Repurpose an Old Dresser

If you’ve got an old piece of furniture that you’re just not making use of, think about ways you can give it a new lease of life. We popped over to the HGTV blog and spotted this dresser, which has been magically transformed into a wine storage solution. It doesn’t take much; just a few shelf dividers here and there and you have a functional yet attractive wine storing system – give it a go.

Of course, there are all sorts of other ways you can display your wine – from that wage-old wooden or wine rack itself, to a revolving in-cupboard system which ensures you can see all your bottles in one simple spin.

Likewise, wine racks can double up as other household items, too – we’ve seen people use the standard type (the stacked, rack-type ones featuring half a dozen bottle-shaped holes) to store and display rolled up guest towels in the bathroom. Put your mind to it and we bet you can come up with all sorts of ways to show off anything you like in your home.


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