How To: Create Space in a Small Kitchen

Is a lack of kitchen space getting you down? Tired of cramming all your pots, pans and utensils into only a handful of cupboards?

While we can’t claim to help you make more space in a modest-size kitchen, what we can do is give you some helpful hints to create the illusion of more room. That’s right; we’ve thought long and hard when it comes to maximising the hub of your home – and here are just some of our best ideas…

It Starts with a De-clutter

Every good room overhaul begins with a spot of de-cluttering! And it’s so true that the less stuff you have in a room, the more spacious said area of your home will appear to be.

Where to start then? You’ll feel lots better by simply de-cluttering your worktops, clearing away all the items that don’t need to be there (kids’ artwork can be pinned to the fridge or framed elsewhere, and schoolbags can be hung in their rightful place) and wiping surfaces as you go.

Clear the space straight away and you’ll easily be able to get rid of things as you go. Now just bag up some stuff for the charity shop, putting to one side anything that’s good enough to be sold on auction sites like eBay.


Try a Lick of Paint

We know feature walls – in which one wall is painted a vibrant accent colour and the rest are left plain – are all the rage but think about what they’re doing to the appearance of your room.

Is that deep shade of maroon ‘shrinking’ the space, for instance? Or could that floral wallpaper be making your kitchen appear more ‘cluttered’? Instead, try a lick of fresh, white or cream paint to really open the room up. You’d be surprised what a tin of magnolia can do for your kitchen – and your mood. A tidy, spacious kitchen equals a tidy mind – right?!

Streamline Your Appliances

No room for a separate fridge and freezer? Go for a fridge/freezer instead, integrating the two into one handy appliance. You can do the same with other kitchen essentials too, like washer/driers. Consider how you might remove a little ‘bulk’ from your space by simply combining your appliances – trust us, it’s worth splashing out to claw back a little room in your kitchen.


Make Use of Every Square Inch

The best way to maximise the space you have is by making use of every single square inch. Did you know, for example, that you can get your hands on special shelving and storage solutions for the inside of kitchen cupboard doors? Add storage jars and other bits and pieces to every spare corner of space and you’ll quickly find that those worktops are freed up and your kitchen looks its very best at all times.

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