The Perfect Christmas Table: A Guide

It may not seem like it (it doesn’t quite feel quite cold enough, for one thing) but Christmas is a mere six weeks away. SIX WEEKS! Just saying those two little words is enough to bring on a mini meltdown here in the My Appliances office.

But we don’t want you to panic. Instead, think of it merely as a warning – as, let’s face it, you still have well over a month of shopping days left to get sorted.

And to help you on your way to getting organised during the festive season, we’re bringing you our guide to the perfect Christmas table. That’s right; if you have guests coming over for turkey and all the trimmings, here’s a few tips you won’t want to overlook.

Make the Most of Traditions

Christmas is all about traditions, so make sure you incorporate as many into the big day as possible. You can do this easily by way of the Christmas table – just give it a little thought beforehand.

Dust off that old china your grandma gave you, or dig out that well-loved set of festive crockery. If you don’t have any family traditions, think about making some – it’s what makes Christmas Christmas, after all.


Plan Ahead

Just as you’d plan the Christmas meal well in advance (no one wants to be slaving over a hot oven when they can whip out a cold starter or pre-made cheesecake for dessert), make sure you think about how you can save time with the table too. Make a list well in advance, which contains everything you need to ensure Christmas runs smoothly – don’t forget napkins, crackers (no Christmas table is complete without them) and maybe even a few pre-dinner games.


Say Yes to a Seating Plan

Okay, so it isn’t exactly a wedding, but if you’re having a lot of people round consider where you might place them around the table. Did Aunty Mable and Uncle Jim ruin the pudding by rowing last year? Sit them apart from each other – it really is as simple as that. Create place names and perhaps leave a miniature gift on everyone’s plate – it doesn’t have to cost much, just a few pounds will do – for a spot of festive fun before the turkey gets sliced.

Think About Space

No room on the table for all the wine? Think about buying a small tea trolley to place next to the table – you can pop all the condiments on it and your guests can simply wheel it around to their chair to get what they need. A great way of saving space on the table, it ensures everyone has more than enough room to easily tuck in.



If you’re hosting on Christmas day, the pressure can be on to ensure everyone has a great day. But are you having a good time, too?

Don’t be too hard on yourself and allow for a few things to go wrong. The day doesn’t have to run like clockwork; as long as everyone’s fed and watered at a reasonable hour, everything else is a minor consideration.

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