Top Tips for a Clutter-free Kitchen

So, by now you might have seen our guide on creating space in a small kitchen – but what if the issue isn’t the room you have, but the fact that it’s constantly cluttered?

Well, you’re in luck as it happens. Why? Today on the My Appliances blog, we’ve compiled some of the team’s top tips for decluttering the hub of the home.

We get it; we know you’d like a clean, tidy space from which to cook and entertain, yet despite your very best intentions – and a good old ‘spring clean’ at least once a year – it never quite happens. Well, here’s what to do – and we suggest you start today.

Don’t Over Face Yourself

The main reason why people don’t de-clutter enough (aside from simply not having the time) is that it can seem like such a mammoth task. So from now on, don’t look at a de-cluttering project as a whole room and instead try sorting out the space in sections.

If you feel overwhelmed, start with a cupboard – and make a vow to organise one cupboard or shelf a night.

One great tip is to introduce a ‘6 o’ clock sort’ to the household, which sees you take 10 minutes or so each night (along with your partner and kids, if needs be) to tick just a few things off your to-do list.

Do those bills on the kitchen cupboard need addressing? Make that one job. Or tidy out the cutlery drawer. Do smaller tasks – a little here and a little there – and the bigger de-cluttering project won’t seem quite as daunting.


Tackle Your Larder

Do you have tins of food lurking in the back of the larder which are way past their sell-by-date? It’s time to bin them and start afresh! Similarly, do you really need all those spices? If you’re just not getting use out of something (and you haven’t in the last 12 months) it’s time to pack it up and get rid!

Think about donating food that’s still in date to a local food bank, or pass it onto friends; it’s all about making space for the ingredients you will use and feeling that bit better when you open your larder door.


Don’t Be Tempted to Clean First

If you’re just about to start de-cluttering, or you’re in the middle of it, resist the urge to grab the sweeping brush and mop for now. Instead, wait until you’ve finished re-organising and getting rid of those items you don’t use. You’re only going to create more mess by decluttering, so hold off before you drag the mop bucket out of the utility cupboard.


Invest in a Label Maker

The best way to re-organise your kitchen is by ensuring you have a box or container for everything – and labelling it so. Get a tea trolley or veg cart for fruit and veg, and buy some plastic containers for storing pasta, spices and even tins. Now, invest in a label maker – they cost little more than £20 and are so useful when you’re re-organising your space – and add handy labels to your newly-organised containers.

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