Ready to Move House? Here’s How to Sell Your Kitchen…

Often, a new year can mean a new home, with hundreds of thousands of homeowners taking the plunge to sell up and buy something bigger. If you’re one of those people, now that the festive season is out of the way (and you’ve just about finished de-Christmas-ing the house) maybe you’ve turned your attention to how you might make your current abode look more appealing to prospective buyers.

The first thing to do is to start with the hub of the home: the kitchen. For many, a large, uncluttered or open plan kitchen is high on a priority list when choosing a new property. So, just how can you make the most of the space and ensure it looks inviting to anyone coming to view your home? Here are our top tips as we say hello to 2018…


If you’re hoping to be out of your home soon-ish, why not start packing up some of the appliances and utensils you hardly use, placing them securely in boxes and out of the way in, say, the shed or garage? It’ll mean you can easily de-clutter kitchen worktops to ensure your kitchen is looking its best with prospective buyers come round. Instead, consider sending some tired old crockery or pots and pans to the charity shop; that way, when you do come to move, you’ll have a few less boxes to cart around.

Now that your workspaces or dining table is looking a lot tidier, why not add an eye-catching centrepiece or two – a big bowl of fruit, or a colourful vase of flowers, maybe?


‘Sell the Dream’

Prospective buyers aren’t necessarily buying a home, they’re buying a lifestyle. Or at least they’re enticed by the specific ‘lifestyle’ you’ve created when they come to have a look round. Freshly-baked muffins on the table, the comforting aroma of hot, fruit loaf, or even the homely smell of coffee can make people instantly feel at home. And if they feel at home, they’ll be able to imagine themselves living there, too.


Get Creative

Does a large shelf take centre stage in your kitchen? Think of ways you can make it a feature – and we don’t just mean by filling it with cookbooks. Instead, look to Pinterest for some creative inspiration, and turn your kitchen into an art exhibition, displaying quirky cooking pots, or even family heirlooms, to add a little interest to your space.



It may seem like an obvious one, but it’s surprising what a little elbow grease can do for a tired, old kitchen. Stock up on cleaning products and give your space the once over – from top to bottom. A shiny, fresh-smelling kitchen will tick all the right boxes when you’re showing buyers around.

Make a List!


Now you’ve cleaned, think about some ‘small wins’ you can achieve. Are there a few things to fix? Or maybe buying a vase or two will make the place look a little more ‘put together’? Make a list and think about the little things – they can make the world of difference. Ready, steady…sell your kitchen (and your home!).

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