Recipe: Try This With Your Evening Meal…

Is it your turn to make the evening meal tonight? Wow your other half or your guests with a homemade extravaganza, complete with this delicious focaccia bread.

It comes via chef Paul Squire from Cook and Waiter, who’s been a feature on the My Appliances blog a couple of times lately, thanks to his delicious recipes. Why not check out how to make his delectable ginger parkin and his delicious rhubarb Bakewell tart?

Now, get ready for something savoury…

What You’ll Need

500g strong bread flour

5g powdered dried yeast

10g fine salt

325ml warm water

1tsp olive oil


Sea salt



  • Mix ingredients for 10mins with the dough hook in a kitchen mixer. Or, if you have the extra time, put some old-fashioned elbow grease into it and do it by hand
  • Coat the dough in olive oil and place it under cover in a warm place to allow it to double in size. This should take around 45 mins
  • Knock back and place into half-turbo tray. Leave to rise for around 30-45mins
  • Top with chopped rosemary and sea salt
  • Place the dough into a a hot oven (250C) for 10 mins. Then turn down oven to 200C for a final 10 mins
  • Serve and enjoy!
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