Shrove Tips-Day: For Pancakes with Pizzazz, Read on…

If you’re usually a liability in the kitchen, you’ll love the chance to throw some food around – i.e. pancakes – and not feel at all bad for it. That’s right; Shrove Tuesday (aka Pancake Day) is just around the corner. Hooray!

Falling on Tuesday, February 13, the event will see people get creative with lemons, sugar and chocolate spread to whip up some batter-based treats.

The day that precedes Ash Wednesday, Shrove Tuesday comes from the word ‘shrive’, which means absolution for sins by doing penance. But why do we traditionally eat pancakes on said day? The Mirror offers a pretty enlightening explanation on the link above, alongside a simple pancake recipe everyone can try on Tuesday.

Of course, you could have a go at good, old-fashioned lemon and honey pancakes, or you could give something a little more inventive a go.

Here’s our pick of the best pancake recipes around. You could call them pancakes with pizzazz!

Choc ‘n’ Cherries

While chocolate and cherry pancakes may look impressive, the recipe is pretty simple to follow. We like this one from Sainsbury’s, since it advises you use a Betty Crocker pancake mix to ensure things run as smoothly as possible in the kitchen.

While the picture represents a serving suggestion, there’s certainly nothing to stop you adding other toppings and fillings, as seen below. The Sainsbury’s recipe suggests grabbing a can of cherry pie filling, some plain chocolate, golden syrup, and double cream (as well as a few extras) in what will make a plate-full of truly indulgent after-dinner treats. Does this pancake recipe get the thumbs up from you?

Strawberry Pancake-Omelette

If your sweet tooth is throbbing by now, you’ll love the idea of this strawberry pancake-omelette, below. LoveFood have a similar recipe over here.

Consider going easy on the cream and sugar if you’re still plugging away at your New Year’s diet. Or try a savoury pancake, as below. Alternatively, stuff it! Everyone deserves a treat, after all.

Now for some savoury pancakes…

Where do you stand on savoury pancakes? Firstly, we suggest you don’t stand on them at all. Not unless you want a very messy kitchen (boom, boom – we’ll get our coat). What we meant to say was, how do you feel about savoury pancakes? Are you a ‘yes’, or a big, fat ‘no’?

The thing is, once you’ve settled on the fact that they’re really not that weird, you can enjoy double the pancake fun – and have them for your main and your dessert! Whip up your pancakes before adding some fried mince and onions. Now, simply roll them up and tuck in.

Salmon Rolls

Or if you fancy a lunchtime pancake or two, why not give these salmon pancake rolls a go? You could even pop them in your lunch box and take them to work – that’s if you get up early enough to make them before you set off for the day. BBC Good Food has the method – give it a go and let us know how you get on!

What’s your piece de resistance on Pancake Day? Let us know by commenting below – and don’t forget to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time…

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