Simple Kitchen Shortcuts to Save You Time and Money

We know how it is; at the end of a busy day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen cooking your evening meal. So, we bet you’ll relish the chance to discover a few shortcuts that’ll help you get the necessary jobs done in much less time. Read on for our top, time-saving tips…

Keep Your Stove Sparkly Clean

No oven cleaner? After your food prep, baking soda and water makes the perfect easy – and cheap – oven cleaner. And it’s homemade! Head to the Kitchn site for all the details. A completely safe and all-natural way to clean your most-used appliance, it’ll be the one tip from this guide you come back to time and time again.

Reduce Clean-Up Time

You won’t want to spend any more precious Netflix time cleaning the kitchen after a big meal, so minimise clean-up time by putting some baking parchment out on the tops before preparing food; it’ll conveniently catch any scraps and you can simply lift it up and bin it later!

Say No to Peeling Veg

Choose easy-to-prepare veg to accompany your meal and you’ll save yourself loads of time. Say no to onions and garlic, and embrace asparagus spears, mushrooms, celery, tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers. This simple tip will make all the difference in the kitchen, trust us.

Another great tip for easy veg prep and quick kitchen shortcuts? Make light work of chopping veg by making good use of a pair of scissors. Simply snip veg like spring onions straight into your pan. There’s no need to get a cutting board out, which means less time spent washing up!

Grab a Pizza the Herb-Cutting Action

All the big knives in the dishwasher? A rolling pizza cutter should help you chop them as efficiently, so grab one and make light work of that prep!

Save Time Defrosting Meat

Were you banking on serving that steak for dinner? If it still hasn’t defrosted, remember that metal conducts heat. So, grab your meat and place it in a plastic bag. Now, pop it on top of an aluminum pot that’s upside down. Filling another pot with water at room temperature, place it on the meat. Guess what? Your meat will be defrosted in fewer than 10 minutes!

Do you have some kitchen shortcuts you’d like to share, too? We’d love to hear them; comment below with your best tips.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

…save yourself time later by chopping a whole one up in one go and adding the slices to a Kilner jar, kept in the fridge. You can then dip into the jar anytime you need a slice of lemon.

Add a slice or two to tea, or throw one in a plastic jug filled with hot water – it’s ideal for freshening up cutlery before guests come round.

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