Space Saving Ideas

Many homes struggle with having little space in their kitchen and every day is a constant battle to try and keep things looking neat and smart. However just because you may not have copious amounts of room for a large range cooker and the big American fridge freezer you have always dreamt of, doesn’t mean that you must lose out on style and functionality.

Here are 6 brilliant ideas that will make your kitchen seem bigger and give you enough room to still do all the cooking and entertaining that wish.

Think Upward

Directing the eye upward ensures that people’s eyes are not focused straight ahead or downwards. This gives the eye the feeling that there is more space as vertical lines are said to give the impression of light.

Our matchline series is perfect if you are looking for appliances that can be placed one on top of the other just like these matching microwave, oven and warming drawer…..

Microwave, Oven, Warming Drawer


Mirrors are brilliant for bouncing light around the room making it seem like there is more space. So if you have a bit of spare wall space put a mirror up and it is sure to reflect light around the room, alternatively be creative and cover the wall space you have around cupboards, with a contemporary mirror design…..

Mirrored wall                                                                                        

Glass is also believed to make smaller kitchens seem more expansive so along with mirrors, gas on glass hobs are brilliant to give off this illusion whilst also providing a sleek and stylish finish.

Gas On Glass Hob

Work the walls

Work tops are valuable space when you are limited on the amount of room you have to play with, so make sure you utilise the space you have as much as you can. As much as keeping utensils in pots can look nice, especially when matching with the rest of your kitchen, for some of us, having this luxury of everything displayed is just not an option. We have a brilliant solution if you want your utensils on show but don’t have enough room, get one of these brilliant splashbacks with an attached utensil rail. This way everything is at arms reach so there is no need to rummage around in a drawer trying to find your wooden spoons!

Utensil Splashback

Integrated stuff

When space is of the essence, there is no question that the sensible thing to do is have your appliances integrated. Not only will it guarantee you more space, it will also allow you to keep a minimalist look with matching doors giving a sleek and sophisticated finish. Our integrated appliances are brilliantly designed so that you don’t have to worry about having everything on show. The fridge freezers, washing machines and dishwashers can be hidden behind a door of your choice and our ovens are designed to fit into your existing cabinet effortlessly. Less is most definitely more these days…

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”6″ gal_title=”Integrated Appliances”]

Match seating with wall colour

It is really important to have a seamless look in your kitchen and this can be done by matching the seating you have with the wall colours. Make sure they are also neautral, light colours so you can keep the room as bright as possible. This will really unify the room and will not confuse the eye, giving the illusion of much more light and a larger living space.

Ensure that you also go for armless chairs that can be tucked right under the table you choose as this will give you much more space when no one is sat down.

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Create the illusion of space

Creating the illusion of space is really important when you are limited in the first place. One great way to do this is under counter lighting, both under your high work cabinets and on the plinths. Not only do these creating the impression of space, they also give you more counter light and set the mood perfectly if you are entertaining.

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So do not worry if you are short on space, there are brilliant ideas that will ensure your kitchen will look a lot larger. With a little work, you will have a compact kitchen that will feel 10 times bigger in no time!

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