It’s Pancake Day!!

It’s Pancake Day and we are really excited and indulging ourselves with lots of pancakes with scrumptious toppings on!

It is great fun to make pancakes with family and friends, testing your flipping skills and this year why not go creative with your flavours and treat yourself?!

Here are our three top pancake flavours….

Lemon and poppy seed pancakes

There is nothing better than the sharp taste of lemon however it is often missed in many cake recipes because people are too scared to over do it. Well this recipe is different, loads of lemon and loads of poppy seeds, they are really packed with flavour! Topped with maple syrup this is truly a delight.

Lemon and Poppy Seed Pancakes                                                                                                                Recipe from The View From Great Island


Chocolate-chip pancakes

Chocolate is a classic yummy topping that many people love to have on pancake day but why not make a change and put chocolate inside the pancake itself so when you take a bite, melted chocolate oozes out and will taste like heaven!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes                                                                                                   Recipe from Food Network


Red velvet pancakes

Red velvet cupcakes are brilliant if you are entertaining, as they add a touch of class to an ordinary cupcake. So why not channel this class into your pancakes and make red velvet pancakes to impress your friends and family with?

Red Velvet Pancakes                                                                                                   Recipe from My Recipes



If the classic sugar and lemon or Nutella and banana flavours are getting slightly too old for you and you want to try something new and naughty, try these fantastic flavours that we are sure to be tucking into later on today. You will definitely be rushing to get the frying pan out after you read these…

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana

So chocolate and banana is a classic flavour but with the peanut butter twist, you will taste a delicious flavour like never before! Spoil yourself this pancake day with this scrummy sticky filling.

Choc Chip, Peanut Butter & Banana Pancake Filling                                                                                                   Recipe from BBC Good Food


Banoffee pancakes

Banoffee pie is a dessert that is truly tasty so why not fill some crepes with toffee sauce, bananas and cream and have your very own banoffee pancake?!

Banoffee Pancake Filling                                                                                                   Recipe from Good To Know


Salted caramel and pretzel pancakes

Salted caramel is vastly becoming one of the most popular flavours for puddings and treats, and there is nothing stopping us fromt putting it on top of a pancake. But why stop there? Add pretzels for a more salty flavour then balance this out with a couple of scoops of sweet vanilla ice scream. Trust us, you will not regret it!

Salted Caramel & Pretzel Pancake                                                                                                   Recipe from Good To Know


Lemon meringue pancakes

If you want to go down the classic route why not try this recipe for lemon meringue pancakes? It’s super easy and super scrummy!

Lemon Meringue Filling                                                                                                   Recipe from Good To Know


Millionaires shortbread pancakes

Saving the best till last (don’t do this tonight though and find out you are too full to eat it) we have a millionaire’s shortbread pancake, a truly sickly sweet recipe that will leave you feeling satisfied for days. Simply crumble shortbread on the pancake, pour caramel over it then drizzle some melted chocolate on. Why stop there? Top it off with a scoop of caramel ice cream and you have yourself the most mouth-watering pancake of all time!

Millionaire's Shortbread Pancake                                                                                                  Good To know Know

So go treat yourself and tell us just how amazing they really are!


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