Spring Clean Your Home!

Roll up your sleeves, put on your marigolds and get cleaning ready in time for the spring. A big spring clean is all about new beginnings and brushing off all the negative aspects in your life so it really is the perfect time to clear out all your old belongings that you don’t need anymore.

Now a spring clean isn’t just having a quick wipe around, it’s about ditching all the clutter that is making your like busy and messy. It will really de-stress you and will give you a new lease of life. So set yourself a weekend to dedicate to cleaning your home and spruce up your entire life in just 2 days…


Conquer your closet

De-cluttering is half the battle when you are wanting to cleanse your house, so starting with clearing out your wardrobes and drawers will really set you in good stead to spring cleaning the rest of your home. You are sure to find a pile of clothes that you haven’t worn in years, so sending them to charity shops will really help you start a fresh.

Messy Wardrobe

Avoid scratching the floor

If you have wooden floors and are desperate to clean underneath all your furniture then you will need to move cabinets and tables around. Don’t be scared that you will scratch the wooden surface though, a brilliant tip is to fold two clean towels and place them under each end of a cabinet and slide it across the floor. This way you avoid making any marks keeping your floors scratch free.

Wooden Floors

De-clutter your kitchen

If you struggle on space in your kitchen, then there is nothing worse than having lots of cleaning items scattered around the sink and utensil pots spread out giving you little surface space to work on. A way to conquer this it to get yourself a couple of small trays to put behind or by the side of your sink to place your washing up liquid, sponge and soap on. This keeps everything neat and in one place, allowing you to easily access anything that you need.

To give you more work surface space, splashbacks with utensil rails are incredible as you can hang all of your spoons and spatulas up, freeing copious amounts of space.

Splashback with utensil rail

Cleaning your kitchen floor

If you have put off deep cleaning your floor, here is a simple way to do this making it sparkle again. The simplest method is to use a combination of wash and wax floor cleaner. All you will need to do is follow the instructions on the label of the product you choose and let it work its magic. However if you have wooden floors, use a wooden cleaner and either a liquid or paste polish to clean.

Kitchen Floor

Some extra top tips….

  • Clean stainless steel appliances with white vinegar using a soft cloth and gently rub. Always dry thoroughly to prevent a film from forming. Never soak.
  • Clean wooden boards using a damp cloth and mild antibacterial soap. Rinse with hot water, wipe down with a clean cloth and allow to dry upright. Every few weeks sprinkle coarse salt over and rub with a slice of lemon, rinse well with hot water.
  • Use an adhesive lint roller to clean lampshades, this is so much easier as it picks up the dust straight away and saves you time to clean other possessions in your home.
  • Always clean a room from the inside out. That way you are sure not to step on any clean surfaces.


So there are some of our handy helpful tips to get you started with your spring clean, set a weekend aside and cleanse your whole house. Make it shine!

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