Spook-tacular Halloween Recipes to Try With the Kids

It might have crept up on you, like those pesky spiders (try conkers in the corner of your room, by the way – it works a treat to keep them away) do at this time of year, but Halloween’s almost here!

That’s right; October 31 is just over a fortnight away – and you’ll know that if you’ve been anywhere near the shops in the last few weeks. With decorations, kids’ outfits and party paraphernalia filling the aisles, it’s clear that Halloween is becoming a much bigger event here in Blighty than it used to be.

But if you don’t fancy wrapping up warm to go Trick Or Treating with your kids, why not stay indoors and try some spooktacularly scary Halloween recipes instead?

To ensure this October 31 is frightfully good, we’re bringing you some simple recipes you can try anytime this autumn. So ditch the shop-bought Fondant Fancies and try some of these…

Ghoulishly Good Pumpkin Soup

The best bit about making anything with pumpkins? You can have some fun carving them after you’ve scooped out their gory, stringy insides? Result!

There are plenty of recipes online for pumpkin soup, but we figured this one – from BBC Good Food – was one of the simplest-sounding and tastiest. If you can’t find a pumpkin (it becomes more and more difficult to snag them, the closer you get to Halloween), just use a squash instead.

Ingredients-wise, there’s not much to this tempting, autumnal recipe, and chopping aside, even the little ones can get involved making this. They’ll have as much fun preparing it as you will eating it (it’s deliciously creamy and therefore very indulgent) and if you were ever going to make pumpkin soup, now’s the time – since they’re a seasonal veg.


Scarily Spicy Parkin

A Yorkshire favourite, parkin is as synonymous with Halloween as it is with autumn in general. And at this time of year, a little spice will warm your cockles and prove absolutely perfect with a mug of hot chocolate.

We’re heading over to the ASDA site for this recipe, thanks to James Martin and his fantastic cooking skills. It takes a fair while to bake in the oven, but it’ll be more than worth it.

Want to make this parkin even more Halloween-specific? Make a sticky-sweet sauce to drizzle on it (funnily enough, James Martin has one over here), adding a little green food colouring for effect. Or simply drape a few plastic, toy spiders on the top, adding webs with tubes of black or white icing.


Terrifyingly Tasty Toffee Apples

You may prefer choccy apples, but our favourites here at My Appliances will always be the traditional kind: sickly but very, very moreish caramel-coated apples. They’re one of your 5-a-day, too, so they can’t be bad!

toffee apples

Want some more recipes where they came from? Below are just a few we think you’ll love this Halloween and beyond…

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