Step into Spring with These Cleaning Essentials

Can you feel that in the air? Spring is almost here! You know what that means…

Yes, we’re talking about the warmer weather and the extra hour we’ll get when the clocks go back, but we’re also talking about spring cleaning, when you’ll get to sweep away the dreariness of winter and open your windows up to the wonderful bounties of spring.

In this article, we’ll be suggesting some spring cleaning hacks that won’t just tidy up your home, but do so in a way that’s gentle on the environment. Read on…

Make Your Own Chemical-Free Cleaner

Shop-bought household cleaners are crammed with all kinds of toxic chemicals. Sure, they do a great job at cleaning surfaces, but often at the cost of putting not just our health at jeopardy, but also the health of the planet.

Be kinder to yourself and the environment by creating your own non-toxic cleaner with materials you might already have in your home. Lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar and water are all you really need to get your home looking and feeling clean in no time.

Repurpose or Donate Unwanted Textiles

Things like paper towels and mops with replaceable heads might be convenient for cleaning your floors and other surfaces, but these disposable items will end up piling up in landfills as soon as you’re finished with them.

Reduce your waste by repurposing old textiles into cleaning supplies. Old textiles you don’t need anymore or can no longer use or repair – such as baby clothes, cloth nappies, torn blouses or bedsheets – can be given new life as dust rags, washcloths or even reusable mop heads.

If your old textiles are still in good shape, you can donate them instead. This will help you declutter your wardrobe and relieve you of the weight of hanging onto clothing items you no longer wear.

Freshen Up Naturally

After deep cleaning your entire house, scenting the air is like the final cherry on top. But though most aerosol air fresheners might smell nice, they’re packed with chemicals and air pollutants that can cause health problems for you, your family and any pets you may have.

Essential oils are a more eco-friendly option of freshening up your home. Diffusers are one of the easiest ways to spread the pleasant aroma of essential oils, but if you don’t own one, you can achieve a similar effect with a spray bottle. Simply fill an empty spray bottle with water, add several drops of essential oil inside and voila, you have a natural, chemical-free air freshener!

Ensure Efficient Energy Usage

Your appliances can do a number on the health of the planet, so when you tackle your spring cleaning, also check that you’re using energy efficiently. This means unplugging any appliances that aren’t being actively used, cleaning lint out of the vents of your clothes dryer, scraping away dust and grime from the coils of your refrigerator or even changing incandescent light bulbs for LEDs. You can also invest in a power strip so that turning multiple electronic devices off and on isn’t a hassle.

We hope these tips will help you gear up for a breezy, eco-friendly spring cleaning session.

Until next time…