Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you want to renovate your house completely so you can sell it, or you simply want to update and spruce up familiar surroundings, there’s always room to improve your home and boost its value. You don’t even need to break out the big tools – or break your wallet – to get your living spaces looking rejuvenated.

So put on your imaginary hard hat and read on for some easy, no-fuss ways to add value to your home.

Refinish or Reface Kitchen Surfaces

Rather than splash out on brand new cabinets and work surfaces for your kitchen, you can give your existing surfaces a facelift for a fraction of the cost of replacing them entirely.

Refinishing is one cheap option. As the name implies, refinishing involves applying a fresh, new finish to existing surfaces. A new coat of varnish or paint can liven up drab-looking kitchen cabinets and work surfaces in no time at all – and it’s a great, money-saving idea if you don’t have the money to splash out on brand new kitchen furniture.

If you want a little more, you can reface these surfaces entirely. Like refinishing, your existing cabinets will get nicely touched up, but unlike refinishing, refacing involves covering surfaces with self-sticking wood veneer and even new doors.

Install Outdoor Lighting

The outside of your home is just as important as its interior when it comes to assessing your home’s value. After all, it’s the exterior that most people will see first!

Make sure these people can actually see your house, especially at night, by installing outdoor lighting along your front pathway and in your garden. Not only will these light fixtures boost the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, but they’ll also ensure the safety and security of you and any visitors.

Repaint Your Walls

A little paint certainly goes a long way. Repainting your walls is a quick, affordable and easy method to boost your home’s appeal. You’d be surprised by how much a fresh coat of paint can transform a space, especially if you choose slightly contrasting colours that will add depth to any room.

Choose New Light Fixtures

It might never have crossed your mind to touch your light fixtures, but updating your lights can give them a much fresher feel. This simple switch will have your rooms looking a lot more appealing, particularly if you match the design of the new light fixture with the rest of the room’s décor. Plus, you can experiment with different kinds of fun light fixtures. Chandeliers, anyone?

Install a Glass Splashback

Glass splashbacks are sleek, modern and affordable additions to any kitchen. Not only will they give the space a wonderful burst of colour that matches the rest of the décor, but they also protect the wall behind your hob from heat damage and any splashes caused by cooking. Additionally, the reflective surface of a glass splashback can create the illusion that your kitchen is larger and more light-filled than it is, which can really open up the space.

Here at My Appliances, we offer a wide selection of glass splashbacks to suit your personal tastes and needs – take a look!

Until next time…