Best Kitchen Plants for Mother’s Day

With spring and Mother’s Day (Sunday, March 14) both around the corner, why not celebrate your mum – or someone else – with a kitchen plant or two? The plants will simultaneously freshen up the air in the kitchen and lift your mum’s spirits with their soothing green colour. Plus, an indoor herb garden is the gift that keeps on giving! Who doesn’t love the idea of using fresh herbs in their cooking, after all?

Read on for our top picks of kitchen plants that your mum won’t be able to keep mum about.


A herb garden simply isn’t complete without a bit of basil, we think. This flavourful herb features in countless well-loved dishes, such as pastas and pizzas, as well as sauces like pesto. Basil plants love warmth and bright, direct light, so this plant is ideal in a window that receives plenty of sunlight. A grow light can also be used instead (and can be quite useful if you have multiple herbs).

Do note that basil has quite a short life cycle, so your mum can expect to enjoy her basil plant for several weeks. You can prepare for this by also giving her some extra seeds so she’ll never be without basil.

Aloe Vera

It’s not just herbs that look and work great in the kitchen. A houseplant like aloe vera also looks particularly attractive, especially when placed in a pot that matches the rest of your kitchen’s décor. Plus, as succulents that store water in their leaves, aloe vera plants are notoriously difficult to kill. So if your mum has a window in her kitchen that receives a lot of bright light, then an aloe vera plant is an excellent choice to place on or near the windowsill.

Aloe vera plants also have a gel-like substance in their leaves that can be used to reduce inflammation of skin wounds. So next time your mum’s accidentally burned herself at the hob, she can simply reach over, snip off a small piece of her aloe vera plant, rub a bit of its gel on her burn – et voila, she can tend to the burn in no time, and naturally.

Pothos Plant

Pothos plants are another houseplant that are easy to care for. Also known as devil’s ivy, this tropical vine is an excellent choice for kitchens that don’t have much direct sunlight. Pothos is also wonderful for improving indoor air quality, so this would make a fantastic addition to your mum’s kitchen. Place it on a shelf or atop a cupboard, or hang it from the ceiling so its long stems can trail dramatically over the edge of the pot.

Spider Plant

Here’s another popular and hardy plant. The spider plant is very forgiving, and flourishes under a number of conditions. It can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, even in low light areas. Wherever it’s placed, though, this unassuming-looking plant will help reduce toxins, odours and fumes from the air.

What’s more, spider plants, when well taken care of, will also produce baby offshoots. Also called pups, these offshoots can be snipped off, propagated and re-potted. Your mum will certainly look forward to having an army of spider plants in her kitchen in no time!

That’s all for now. We hope we’ve given you some ideas for kitchen plants that your mother will enjoy this Mother’s Day!

Until next time…