The 70s Are Back! A Kitchen Trend Or Two with a Retro Twist…

Well, we bet you didn’t think the 70s decade would come back to rear its bold, printed head? But according to the Daily Mail’s Femail it kind of has – in gadget form! Well, sort of.

The online platform discusses some of the gadgets from the era which are still, some four decades later, worth investing in – and you’ll be very surprised!

The Fondue Set

To fon-do or fon-don’t, that is the question! The Daily Mail says you absolutely should dust off your old set, since it can make for a fun and quirky dessert with pals. We prefer to use ours for cheese – and plenty of it.

Did you know you can get one on for less than £40? It comes with small forks and a dual fuel burner – ideal for melting chocolate or that aforementioned cheese. Just not at the same time.


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The Melon Baller

When was the last time you had melon balls for starters? Go on, really think about it…

It may have been back in the 70s but this pre or post-dinner palate cleanser is a big hit for a reason: it’s cheap, cheerful and tasty. Sure, a starter like this one won’t win you any points as a contestant on Come Dine With Me, but we’re all for simple here at My Appliances.



The Crock Pot

As we believe in making life as simple as possible for ourselves, we agree with The Daily Mail that the crockpot is one of the better kitchen-related inventions out there. But what is it? Well, it’s a stoneware bowl with a lid on.

It’s set over a heating element in a stainless steel case and it cooks food at low temperature so you can leave it on all day – even when you’re out. It’s a slow cooker, to you and me, and you’ll be so glad you got one.

It arrived from America in the 1970s and quickly took the UK by storm – it isn’t hard to see why. It’s simple, convenient and easy on the pocket. Head to for a nosey around.

The Meat Mincer


Okay, so it isn’t the most tantalising of images, but the meat mincer from the 70s really is making a comeback. You can get one via for less than £30 – and it’s ideal for adding to your worktop for grinding meat into mince. Go on, now’s the time you had a go at homemade burgers – they can’t be that difficult to make, can they?!

Which of these 1970s gadgets is taking your fancy in 2017?

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