The Sunday Roast: Some Helpful Hacks

Sunday roast: two words that will have you rubbing your hands together with glee. But maybe not so much if you’re the one expected to cook it.

So, we’re bringing you some helpful hacks to make preparing that much-loved weekend meal an absolute breeze. I know…how nice are we?!

For the Perfect Roasties…

Start by making things easier for yourself by peeling your potatoes in record time. Bring them to the boil with the skin on, before plunging them into some cold water. You’ll find that the skins will come off easily and you’ll soon be ready to add them to the oven.

To ensure your roast potatoes are the word on everyone’s lips, take a look at this recipe on the BBC GoodFood site. It makes use of goose fat to ensure they’re extra moreish – and you really won’t go wrong if you follow this to the letter.


Make Use of Your Food Processor

Lots of veg to prep? Time to dust off that food processor – you know, the one that only makes an appearance at Christmas! Just chuck all your veg in it with the right blade attachment and chop it all at once. It’ll save you loads of prep time and it’ll taste just as nice once it’s cooked.

Cook the Perfect Chicken
From picking your chicken to ensuring you spice it right, this site has the skinny on every stage in the Sunday Roast food prep process. Here’s one of our favourite tips:
“Placing your chicken on a rack in a roasting pan allows the air and heat to circulate around it better; some roasting pans even come with racks in them, both flat and concave. You can also create a “rack” using vegetables in the bottom of your roasting pan; this produces a yummy, chicken-fat-infused side dish without dirtying any additional dishes.”
Salivating yet?
It’s All Gravy
Is your gravy looking a little on the thin side? Swerve the cornflour step and instead add couple of chopped tomatoes to thicken it. Hint: this is also ideal for those guests who are gluten-free.
Keep Things Simple
You don’t have to serve up a million and one veg with your chicken or lamb, you know. Instead, make like the posh restaurants do and serve your meat on a bed of mash and with one or two well-chosen acompaniments.chicken-1231805_960_720Cheat!

You don’t have to cheat with the whole meal, but what’s really so bad about a few shop-bought items in your Sunday roast?! Add your own herb and spice combinations to items you’ve picked up from M&S and you can make failsafe roast ingredients a little more ‘homemade’

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