The Healing Power of Food

January’s a bit of a nothing month, isn’t it? Everyone’s short of cash and in denial that Christmas is indeed well and truly over for another year. Add to that the fact that the beginning of the year is the worst time for colds and flu – there’s just so much of it going around – and it’s enough to make you want to get into bed and not get back out.

If you’re dealing with an ongoing illness or condition though, why not resist picking up the phone to the doctor for once? Why? We’ll tell you…

The answer to better health could be lurking in your kitchen cupboards – or even in your fridge. That’s right; the healing power of food can’t be ignored – and to help you make healthier choices, we’re letting you in on five ingredients everyone should stock up on in 2017. Read on…


With a long history of use in alterntive medicine, ginger really is a ‘super’ food! It can be used to aid digestion, reduce nausea (try it if you’re suffering from morning sickness, ladies) and it can even help fight the flu and the cold.


Add it to a hot lemon and honey tea – simply grate a little in your mug and wait for your symptoms to subside.


Do you suffer from diabetes? Raspberries can help and it’s because any plant food with skin has plenty of fibre. Of course, raspberries have plenty of skin, so you’re good to go! Studies have revealed that type 1 diabetics who consume a diet high in fibre have lower blood glycose levels, while type 2 diabetics could find their blood sugar and insulin levels improve. But raspberries’ benefits go far deeper than that; they can also boost your brain power, as well as promote a healthy heart, and prevent constipation.


Did you know that the little red fruits also contain powerful antioxidants that work against free radicals? They inhibit tumour growth and decrease inflammation in the body, helping to protect against heart disease and even ward off some types of cancer.


Swap your usual banana and honey combo for cherries in your morning porridge and get ready to enjoy a host of health benefits. There are very few calories in the round, red fruits, for starters. But they’ll also promote a healthy gut, due to helping lowering the uric acid levels in the blood. Researchers also believe that anthocyanins (found in cherries) may also reduce your risk of colon cancer.


No ibuprofen to hand and experiencing pangs of pain? Grab some cherries; they act as a natural painkiller too.


Popeye used to eat spinach for a reason, you know; it really is jam-packed with tonnes of good stuff. It can protect against eye disease and vision loss and it’s also pretty good for optimum brain function.

On top of that, though, it guards against prostate, colon and breast cancer and can also prevent stroke, dementia and heart disease.



It’s also loaded with vitamin K, which will help build strong bones. Chuck a handful in your salad and get chewing!


One of the easiest foods to include in your diet, onions come with a raft of health benefits too – yippee!




The salad favourite contains powerful cancer-fighting enzymes – and due to its sulphides they can also help lower blood pressure and cholesterol – result!

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