Health Kick? Three Ways with Kale

So you’ve probably heard of kale – it is January, after all. But what on earth do you do with the healthy ingredient? And is it all it’s cracked up to be?

It’s good for you. Really good. It’s high in fibre and has zero fat – hooray! Did you know, for example, that one cup of the curly green stuff has as little as 36 calories?

It’s also great for aiding the digestive system and it’s absolutely jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins. Here are three ways with kale you’ll love. You’re welcome!

  1. Add it to Pasta – Kale’s a great ingredient to add to your usual pasta dish, as it’s healthy and tasty. We particularly like the look of this pasta with chilli and anchovy dish we spotted on the BBC Good Food site. It’s simple to prepare and tastes delicious, too
  2. Try it in Salad – Kale’s fresh and tasty – the perfect salad ingredient. It can be used in all sorts of ways, too. Apples and cheddar may seem an odd combination for a freshly-tossed salad, but not when they’re combined with kale – the fitness enthusiast’s favourite ingredient. Check out this recipe we found online and give it a go this weekend. You could even plan ahead for next week, adding salad or pasta to a plastic container ready to pop in your work bag
  3. Be Bold and Bake Kale Cake – Okay, so this isn’t a joke – kale cake really is a thing! Would you feel better if we told you this particular bake contains chocolate?! You can check out the full method here and trust us when we say you’ll never look back.

So, will you be trying kale this weekend? Go on, let us know if you do.  And as ever, make sure you pop by our Facebook page and join the healthy food-related conversation.

Until next time…

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